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Nice, but Apple needs to steal the Green, Orange, Red traffic colors from Google, and also the bike maps.
Fantastic! Deprive Google and other ad spammers of oxygen. Can't wait!
Burning a big pile of money there.   iTunes is installed on many more devices than there will ever be Spotify subscriptions.   In 20 days I cancel Spotify and crank up Apple Music. I am not alone.
Have they been to Philadelphia yet? The coming Transit part of Apple Maps covers Philly.   Send the vans, please.
256K AAC is indiscernible from 320K MP3 to my ears.   One advantage I'm looking forward to when I leave Spotify for Apple Music are the EQ adjustments in Settings.   I have been begging Spotify to put EQ into their iPhone app's settings for years, to no avail.   Now I will start begging Apple for fully adjustable sliders in the EQ settings.
Looking forward to using this in Philadelphia. Another loss for Google and gain for iPhone owners.   Sadly, I see no evidence of Apple Maps showing bike lanes and bike friendly streets.
I'll be switching from Spotify, but I expect and hope that The Beatles won't play ball on this.
I would be shocked and dismayed if this included The Beatles catalog.
Picks up and unlocks iPhone.   Pages to app, press and hold.   Delete...   At least it wasn't Google, but wasn't wowed by it anyway.
Troubling.   If this is accurate and there isn't a compelling reason for me to leave Spotify, I don't see the point. Sounds like it's going to be a 'beta' service. That's still the state of iTunes Match, and it still has plenty of 'kinks.'
New Posts  All Forums: