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'BendGate' is old news.   Now we have 'LavaGate.'   Apparently, if you drop your iPhone 6 Plus in a river of lava, it will easily sustain damage, if not total destruction.   Time for Apple to shut down and give the money back to the shareholders.
Mine comes tomorrow.   The 'bend' issue is a non-issue, except to Samesung paid trolls polluting Twitter.   Seriously. So many fake Twitter accounts happily reposting their ads and the BS youtube video.
It's amazing how far iPhones have come since the original.   I remember holding the thing and feeling like I was using a device from Star Trek or something.   Compared to now, my original seems a little like an obscure toy.
They better lock the windows at Samsung Tower.   Next month's numbers are going to drive a few execs even more batty.
They tried to make this an 'issue' with iPads too.
Soon the only Android users will be the ones who got it free at 7-Eleven with their Slurpee, who can't perceive a difference between one flashy screened device and another.
Nice video. The best 'does it fit in pockets' one I've seen. Helps that it's snark-free.   Makes me even more confident that the Plus is for me.
Waaaaah! I was forced free stuff? That neither impacts my storage or... What?What does it impact?
Wah! I got a free album, that doesn't take up data in my iCloud account, and did I mention it was free.   Somebody hold me...
Is their entire customer base tech blog comment trolls?   Because that seems to be who they are advertising to.   Haters.
New Posts  All Forums: