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Jeez. Making billions of dollars isn't impressive to this guy.   How much is the check he's getting from Samsung?
Anything to distract from their great 'smartwatch.'
Meanwhile, Samsung 'engineers' working 24/7 to copy, copy, copy...
 40% for one year only.
We should care what a representative of the industry that almost destroyed America thinks?
Behance ProSite is so crummy. Adobe should buy Squarespace.
Samsung is all downhill from here. Time for Apple to switch it's lawsuit crosshairs to Google.   Pay, cheaters. Pay.
For the Retina iPad Mini, is my guess.
  I'm pretty sure they gave their employees two hour lunchtimes and extra breaks that day.
I love my iWatch. It's changed my entire mobile experience. Can't wait until the 2.0 software update in March...   Hey... Wait a minute...
New Posts  All Forums: