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Hey Verizon! Get your head out of your _ _ _ and follow suit.
Oh yes. Now that streaming is being examined critically by artists, labels, and listeners themselves, ...this is the time to invest in yet another service.
I have a couple of Asus accessories.   They work well.   They ain't Macs.
Tim's a good guy.
That's impressive. Should stand up to 99.99% of normal use, but I still wouldn't shower while wearing it. I keep seeing people online hoping they can do that. I suppose you could, but me... I'll take it off.  It's not like you don't have to take it off to charge it.
I was confident of Apple Watch's success. But now that the clowns... analysts on Wall Street agree, I'm not so sure.
Great! More availability for us.
LOL! First day will be more than 2.5 million units alone.
You must be new to the Internet to show such 'surprise,' since we've known the base price for months, and much of the full range prices have been pretty closely estimated for weeks.
GoogleAndroidYouTube is about nothing but getting things free/cheap and only giving up your data privacy, location, and identity to the highest and lowest bidder, i.e. the Mountain View Ad Company's real customer, ad spammers.
New Posts  All Forums: