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90 days x 50-100 songs a day x .02 cents I'll be costing them $9.00 to $18.00 during the trial. Then I will happily subscribe for the convenience of having all my music and more within the Apple ecosphere.
Seven days until Apple Music.   Tap tap on my Apple Watch. Is this thing running slow?   Can't wait.
Her first hit is my favorite.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6Q3mHyzn78
I have a number of watches I've collected over the years (which are now collecting dust). Whenever I wanted to mess with some of the more complicated settings, I would take the watch off and do so. It's the nature of all watches due to the construction of our shoulders, wrists, and necks that this fatigue sets in quickly.  I wouldn't play games on it, nor would I make FaceTime calls. Even normal phone calls get tedious fast. The core of apps and functionality are 90% of...
Sticking with my iPhone 6 Plus. Keep your spyware/crapware riddled, horrible UI brick far from me.
I'm ready! Take my money! (after the first three months)   I've cancelled Spotify.   12 more days...   Additionally, I hope those additional 27 stations are a lot more than tweaked. iTunes Radio stations were badly generated.
I abandoned my unlimited plan because of throttling. But also to get LTE, affordable hotspot capability, and superior coverage from Verizon.   Since then AT&T has implemented LTE and now they are getting spanked for their crime.   They lost a lot of customers. I wonder if it was worth it for them?
Years and years ago Adobe sold a series of stock photos on CD. I have a few in a box somewhere. I wonder if they are just recycling those badly outdated images. From what I know about them from employees I've known, I wouldn't be surprised.
C'mon June 30th! Goodbye Spotify!
Can't be to develop the Apple Cheesesteak. Then they would have leased on this side of the state.   Come to Philly, Apple.
New Posts  All Forums: