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I have never seen a tablet in the wild other than iPads. I picture warehouses and back rooms with stacks of unsold non-iPads gathering dust like the crates at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark.
Disinformation. The iPhone 4S will have faster processor, more memory. That is all.
Release it on all possible platforms and kill SMS once and for all.
No kidding. iCloud will be a work in progress for years. I have always assumed that much more functionality was coming, including the return of much that was MobileMe.
Basically iPhone 4S like I have been saying for months. I will wait for 6.
It's only been 2 1/2 months since FCP X was released. How fast do people make big decisions like this? Final Cut Studio was still in the hands of professionals and now it's available again. It's not like Apple took it away from them. And Premiere is simply awful.
I think this would be a pretty pleasurable thing for Apple to reveal.
Just because the Internet is in 'Social' phase, doesn't mean it's appropriate to put it everywhere. Never going to use it.
iPhone 4S. A5 chip, redesigned antenna, same screen and form factor for the most part. iPhone 5 next year will be the real overhaul. The addition of Sprint and maybe T-Mobile will be the big news.
I would check on the whereabouts of Gizmodo's staff.
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