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No kidding. There is never going to be a 'low-end' iPhone. Why water down the device when it is selling so well. The last gen iPhone becomes the 'low-end' iPhone. Why change?
How about bringing production stateside? Use those billions on hand to be able to print 'Made In America' on iDevice boxes.
Must be difficult for a U.S. court when the two plaintiffs are large corporations. It's an easy decision when it's corporations vs. workers. Yes, it was overreaching, but the Judge probably still flipped a coin. Or is this just how it's like on the Supreme Court?
Unless something has changed again, you should be able to resurrect any ID back to the iTools days, but only as a .me address. They gave us 'one last chance' to keep them .mac a couple of years ago or so, when .mac became MobileMe.Any .Mac address that was ever registered can only be retaken by the original owner, assuming you have the password (or registration info?). But again, only as .me.
One less thing for the Fandroid trolls to complain about.
How many of these 'never backed up' fools will sign up for iCloud? Backing up takes effort. So does filling out a form and checking some boxes.
Well, they won't have the originals, digitally. They never existed. Pointless for me to even speculate. Nothing will be for sure until iCloud is launched in 'Fall.' Fall, btw, lasts until December 22. Sigh.
I wonder about titles with multiple releases. Like 'remastered' titles. For instance, there have been two releases of the Beatles. If I have the 1980s Sgt. Pepper, will I get the 2009 Sgt. Pepper? Or none at all. There have been multiple releases for Lots of artists. Queen, has now had three.
Generic obvious icon constructed from others' designs. Generic obvious functionality that Apple most likely had in their labs long before this app. No case.
Ping was (is) a foil to Facebook and what's left of MySpace, more than Twitter. Which is why I barely looked at Ping.
New Posts  All Forums: