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Great. Now TELL US WHAT IT IS FOR! And I better hear 'MobileMe' in that statement.
Ugh. I hate to see Apple working with that toad. Facebook is a plague on the Internet. No Ping for me.
Ooh. A patent. Scary. I've done a lot of patent illustration. Little of them ever end up being as 'scary' as they seem.. or even end up being at all.
When Apple shortly becomes the most market valuable company in the world, I hope the shareholders of Microsoft rise up and demand Bill Gates' college roommate's head. It is sad to see such an American giant such as Microsoft come to this. It's useless people like Balmer who have done so much damage to our standing in the world.
How several years late. Verizon is truly on the cutting edge.
Whatever they do, the next gen iPad has to have a high resolution screen. Text on the current iPad looks terrible next to the iPhone 4.
Two words that I get so tired of reading in comments on every tech blog on the Internets. 'Linux' and 'Android.'
I played with one in an Apple Store today. Tried a title from Apple's store and a title from Netflix. Nowhere near Blu-Ray quality in any way. At this point, yes a 2.5 is accurate. Once they add AirPlay and everything else we expect softwarewise (including Hulu), I would rate it a 3.5. But that's it, because it would have been So Easy to let you stream your own 1080p media. Roku did it. I would have given it a 4 in its current state and a 5 after updated software,...
I lost interest in buying an iPad as soon as I got my iPhone 4. Look at the displays side by side. Maybe if they 'Retinaize' the next generation.
I agree. It's too high. Between the web, Netflix, and Hulu, 99 cents for one lousy show is Way Too High. That's what he's saying, right? I didn't read past the headline.
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