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I have little faith in this rumor, but that timeframe wouldn't surprise me. Regardless, I will hold onto my iPhone 4 and resist the 4S, even though I am just out of contract. iPad 3 next month, iPhone 5 whenever, new MBP (or whatever they call it) upon all new Retina design.
A lower 'court' in China has as much judicial value as a flock of pigeons fighting over a Cheeto. Just throw them more Cheetos.
The only dropped calls I ever have are clearly due to the carrier. I look at my phone when the call drops, plenty of bars. Hey ambulance chasers, when are you going to go after AT&T over the word 'unlimited?'
Hmm. I wonder when my .mac email address will be a relic of history. 'What's your email address?' 'xxxxx@mac.com' 'What's mac?
My MBP is a 2009er! Winning!
Apple, please buy Twitter and make it the default iCloud ID. Sincerely, AppleZilla.
Die, SMS Messaging! Die!
I would expect it to be added before release. You have to keep in mind that they have to make a deal with publishers to allow this.
John Gruber got a private one-on-one preview from Phil Schiller just over a week ago: http://daringfireball.net/2012/02/mountain_lion
Based on some of these features, I'm more convinced than ever that there is an 'iTV' coming for Christmas.
New Posts  All Forums: