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How are they going to deal with scalpers? Groups of 500+? Yikes.
Pay up, thieves. Google, get your checkbook ready.
Steve Jobs: 'Boy, Steve. You sure screwed up Bill's baby.' Steve Ballmer: 'My cat's breath smells like cat food.'
IBM? Ok.
Don't have one yet, but I anticipate that my iPad 3 will severely cut into my MacBook Pro time. Can't wait!
Meh too! iPad 3 iPad 3 iPad 3!
How original.
Skipped 3G S for 4. Skipping 4S for 5. And duh, 'analysts.'
A percentage of them will buy Androids, because they will either get cheap at actual purchase time, or a Fandroid will convince them to. I know a handful of people who fall into one of the two categories. A number of them are females persuaded by their boyfriends/husbands. They all regret not getting an iPhone.
Meanwhile, just because we are Americans, we pay a premium. Just like we do on prescription drugs.
New Posts  All Forums: