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I see them in several apps on my iPhone pretty frequently. iAds are about the only ads I click on.
I don't even bother designing apps for Android. Buncha cheapskates.
No they're not.
No problem. Apple will be changing television. Call it something else all together. 'TV' is so 20th Century.
Nope. They will maintain the current price point. If they couldn't, they wouldn't release it yet.
I think the best use of this money would be to buy up several hundred acres of former factory sites in the United States, move All production here, and slap 'Made in USA' stickers on every product box. Detroit is calling.
Just start selling it! Me want. sigh...
Get a job, Hippies! Kidding... I support whatever it takes to fight for worker's rights all around the world, but I hope they will be delivering these petitions to Google, Amazon, Samsung, Dell, HP, Microsoft and the hundreds of other well known tech companies who utilize these same workers. Only Apple is acknowledging that there's even a problem.
Sounds perfect. This will be my first iPad. Jealous of my wife's iPad 2, but I really want the 'near' Retina Display. The current iPads look 'fuzzy' next to my iPhone 4. iPad 3, iPhone 5, maybe 'iTV' and 'Retina' MacBook Pros. Can't wait. Saving my pennies...
Google 2012 = Microsoft 1990s Google is trying to monopolize the Internet. They need to be broken up. I'm not a Facebook fan, but at least they are keeping Google+ a niche social network.
New Posts  All Forums: