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This close to so many Christmas iPad 2 sales? Unlikely.
The three people I know who have Androids want an iPhone. Android = Training wheels for iPhone. Kindle = Training wheels for iPad.
I don't want a f'cking 7 inch screen. I have an iPhone 4 and will have an iPhone 5 with a larger screen. Covers the small screen market nicely. My first iPad will be this year. Full size and retina. 7 inch Kindles are for gurls. Just watch Amazon's commercials. But my wife had a Kindle. Now she has an iPad 2. The training wheels are off.
What? Just to prove it's a bad size?
Loving iTunes Match, but it needs work recognizing songs. Most CDs that I have matched 'miss' one song and upload the track, even though all tracks are in the iTunes store. Then last night, I 'matched' a CD and ten out of twelve songs were uploaded. The same album is on iTunes. Love it, needs work.
'Millions' on Amazon's tricycle, before they move to the two-wheeler, the iPad.
Normally I would be outraged, but as important as Steve is, bringing the ruling class to accountability is far more so.
Funny how Anobit's home page says 'making flash better.' Whereas Apple is all about 'killing Flash faster,'
iPad 3 will be my first iPad. The consequence for me and my purchasing is that I will be less likely to replace my 17-inch MBP this year as scheduled (three years).
You can buy porn directly from amazon.com. How much of a surprise should it be that their devices deliver porn too? As someone upstream said, that's they get for cheaping out. Buy an iPad.
New Posts  All Forums: