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I just don't buy the idea of a 'lesser' iPhone. Last year's model will always be the lesser model. It's a plan that has been working solidly.
All warm and cozy in my walled garden.
Spy on your emails and sell your personal information to the lowest bidder including Chinese hackers.
I'm skeptical, but if true, it would be good timing for me.
True that. As soon as seniors, who helped vote these idiots in, miss a SS check or a Medicare reimbursement, they will realize their mistake. Or not. Oh well. Somebody has to supply the Soylent Green.
Ok, but we get Canada's universal health care too. Right?
So because they don't like the plan they sold me, I have to be penalized? The consumer as second-class citizen. Teabagger heaven.
You mean most of the poor have a 'luxury' like a refrigerator?What 'lucky duckies.' I keep our perishables in our toilet tank to keep them cool.That's right. We have the 'luxury' of a toilet. Lucky us.
Thank you, Mr. Beck.
New Posts  All Forums: