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Big surprise. NBC and Apple have been at odds for a long time. It will only get worse if the Comcast/NBC merger happens. Really bad for consumers. Jeff Zucker is a schmuck who should have been axed a long time ago.
The totality of Gizmodo should go to jail for bad writing.
I'm not even going to spend the 99 cents. I just want the new box as a connector to my Mac and to Netflix.
Because their releases are always broken?
Well, if a 'tabloid' says so...
My iPhone 4 works fine, with or without a case. The low return rate speaks for itself.
Save Microsoft. Fire Bill Gates' college roommate.
I got mine, jack. Actually I bought a Bumper along with my iPhone 4 on the day they came out. I would never have used it without a case anyway. I thought it would be my temporary case, but I ended up liking the Bumper. It's grippy and looks nice. Like it was built, by Apple, for the phone. Stuck with it. They refunded my credit card the price of the Bumper without me having to lift a finger after Steve's press conference. And I too, do not think there will be any...
I'm hoping for a big update to iWeb. When are they going to get this cloud thing together? I want personal domain email for MobileMe. And about a hundred more things for MobileMe.
Video playback bug in iTunes 10. It's not just me. http://discussions.apple.com/thread....184&tstart=120
New Posts  All Forums: