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Schmidt is a small, small man. Ad spam king Google, needs to be reigned in. I don't use gmail or any of their products. I don't click on their ads. Starve them.
The crime is that the traffickers of stolen property at Gizmodo, got off. Their site is mostly an aggregator of other sites' work and what little they do produce seems to be aimed at 12 year olds. But I digress...
Duh. That's the first thing I thought.
It appears to stream to me as end user. That's all that's important.
This rumor, I buy. It will be the '4s' or similar.
'Consumers don't want smartphones, they want iPhones.' paraphrase...
I look forward to reading about him visiting, even working at, the 'spaceship' upon its completion.
The graphics make me think of Windows 95.
I would leave AT&T for Credo Mobile if Sprint gets the iPhone.
This sounds like pure disinformation.
New Posts  All Forums: