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Rupert Murdoch became an 'American' to take over our media. Murdoch is a threat to Apple and all of us.
Seems unlikely considering that record companies wanted to charge for the 30 seconds.
I don't believe that most iPad owners would even care about Beck's 'Restoring White to America' rally. Most Americans, for that matter.
It's things like this that make me think about stealing music. Nah. I'll just continue to stream commercial-free music with my iPhone's grandfathered unlimited data plan, not to mention over my MacBook Pro.
Whatever they do, just give us a decent search function. Apple's web presence has a universally bad search. Oh, and make it anything like or having to do with Facebook and you lose me.
Tell me about it. Don't Facebook me, bro.
Cue massive amount of MSM critical coverage of Verizon, Android, and Motorola. Yeah, right.
I know what that means... NOTHING! I will believe it when an Apple exec is holding a press conference with a new carrier exec.
Call me when Apple and Verizon have a joint press conference.
New Posts  All Forums: