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Even worse is the fact that 100% of phone sales at Apple corporate stores were iPhones.
Damn! I was sure Apple was going to piss off the many iPad 2 buyers/receivers from just last week.
Sad, but understandable. Would like to see a variant of the MagSafe here.
This close to so many Christmas iPad 2 sales? Unlikely.
The three people I know who have Androids want an iPhone. Android = Training wheels for iPhone. Kindle = Training wheels for iPad.
I don't want a f'cking 7 inch screen. I have an iPhone 4 and will have an iPhone 5 with a larger screen. Covers the small screen market nicely. My first iPad will be this year. Full size and retina. 7 inch Kindles are for gurls. Just watch Amazon's commercials. But my wife had a Kindle. Now she has an iPad 2. The training wheels are off.
What? Just to prove it's a bad size?
Loving iTunes Match, but it needs work recognizing songs. Most CDs that I have matched 'miss' one song and upload the track, even though all tracks are in the iTunes store. Then last night, I 'matched' a CD and ten out of twelve songs were uploaded. The same album is on iTunes. Love it, needs work.
'Millions' on Amazon's tricycle, before they move to the two-wheeler, the iPad.
Normally I would be outraged, but as important as Steve is, bringing the ruling class to accountability is far more so.
New Posts  All Forums: