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I would love to see Wolfram Alpha go full on into the search space and kill Google. AND I'd like to see Apple buy them and make Wolfram Alpha the default search. I dream...
Google, Amazon, HP, Dell, Samsung and others are innocent as the driven snow. China didn't even exist until Steve Jobs invented it.
I've seen a lot of 'claims' of users moving on to Premiere and Avid, but what is the reality? My bet is that FCP has more users than ever. Pro and Prosumer.
How are they going to deal with scalpers? Groups of 500+? Yikes.
Pay up, thieves. Google, get your checkbook ready.
Steve Jobs: 'Boy, Steve. You sure screwed up Bill's baby.' Steve Ballmer: 'My cat's breath smells like cat food.'
IBM? Ok.
Don't have one yet, but I anticipate that my iPad 3 will severely cut into my MacBook Pro time. Can't wait!
Meh too! iPad 3 iPad 3 iPad 3!
How original.
New Posts  All Forums: