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The lines may have been short, but Apple still took many, many sales away from Google this week.
Gruber is spot on 99% of the time. The 1% falls in his baseball realm, on 'certain political individuals' he's 100% right.
No higher resolution. No sale. My wife and I really wanted to buy one. We'll reconsider with v3.
I'll believe it when I see it. Georgia is currently backsliding into the dark ages. Many in our government probably think that iPads are the 'devil's work.' They are trying to set up gold as currency and eliminate driver's licenses and do away with all regulations.
Small event for a small revision. The resolution needs to be increased to get our interest, especially my Kindle loving wife. Text is hard to read next to the iPhone 4.
Too much free WiFi in the world for me to care.
Happy about the In-App Subscriptions. Will pass on the propaganda from Rupert 'I only became an American to control your media' Murdoch.
My guess would be that it is being timed to the Verizon rollout. If this was AT&T only, what would be the point this close to their iPhone 4.5 or 5 or whatever it's going to be.
I wouldn't go as far as abandoning Apple. I just won't invest a dime in the Murdoch rag.Hopefully real news agencies will learn from this and release their own periodicals.
Propaganda from Rupert 'I only became an American to control your media' Murdoch? Pass.
New Posts  All Forums: