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Renewed in January with a Family Pack account. Grr.
The one thing that gives me envy of the new 17-inch over my late 2009 17-inch is the placement of the Thunderbolt port. The DisplayPort port is forward of the USB ports on my machine, which really annoys me.
I hope that's true about the MBP. Not financially ready for a new one and if it is just an incremental update, I can easily wait until 2012. As for the iPad, I won't buy one until they increase the pixel resolution.
Gizmodo hired a plane? Stalker much? On a related note, the Gawkerverse needs to fire their creative/web leads. Their new layouts are terrible. I read that readership is down by half. They are the crap end of content on the Internet, so if they went under, it would be no big loss.
Sounds like Stephenson needs to change his adult diapers. Sit down, grandpa.
They were right about John Edwards and more recently, John Boehner's affair.
damn. Hope it's just a checkup of some kind.
Excellent. Milk Microsoft... I mean Google for all you can get.
The lines may have been short, but Apple still took many, many sales away from Google this week.
Gruber is spot on 99% of the time. The 1% falls in his baseball realm, on 'certain political individuals' he's 100% right.
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