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Talk about 'rewriting history.' I think this is a lie to elevate their position. Google, you're the new Microsoft. Don't pretend otherwise.
I don't care. This is the most tiring iPhone related story in the universe. I bet these rumors and reports take up 10% of the history of iPhone 'news.'
I got a chance to handle an 11-inch model yesterday at the Apple Store. I don't have a strong need/desire for an iPad because my 17-inch MBP and iPhone 4 cover my needs nicely. But I can tell you this: If I do develop the need/desire for a mid-size unit, it won't be for an iPad, it will be for a 11-inch MacBook Air. It was fantastically light, well built, and it was hard for me to keep my credit card in my wallet. The iPad just left consideration all together for me.
Great. Now TELL US WHAT IT IS FOR! And I better hear 'MobileMe' in that statement.
Ugh. I hate to see Apple working with that toad. Facebook is a plague on the Internet. No Ping for me.
Ooh. A patent. Scary. I've done a lot of patent illustration. Little of them ever end up being as 'scary' as they seem.. or even end up being at all.
When Apple shortly becomes the most market valuable company in the world, I hope the shareholders of Microsoft rise up and demand Bill Gates' college roommate's head. It is sad to see such an American giant such as Microsoft come to this. It's useless people like Balmer who have done so much damage to our standing in the world.
How several years late. Verizon is truly on the cutting edge.
Whatever they do, the next gen iPad has to have a high resolution screen. Text on the current iPad looks terrible next to the iPhone 4.
Two words that I get so tired of reading in comments on every tech blog on the Internets. 'Linux' and 'Android.'
New Posts  All Forums: