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Did any of you catch this in the article: Adds Enderle: “He is not somebody [who] any one of us would want watching our kids, but, in terms of running the company, he’s excellent.” WTF?
'Apple, you're making us rich with your revolutionary, insanely popular product. Please pay us.' Sounds like the top 2% whining to retain their tax cuts over here. We are in our second Gilded Age, but they want more.
Am I the only one who has never had major problems with AT&T? I've been with three of the major carriers in my cell phone lifetime, and they all have their problems, but my best experience has been with AT&T.
Ping, and now Game Center, lose me with their real name requirement.
My wife and I are on our third iPhones. They are easy to use and just feel right. Many men just like doing things the difficult and rough way. It's the 'not asking directions' phenomena.
The 11-inch MacBook Air is light, sturdy, powerful, and beautiful in person. I would choose it over an iPad in a New York minute.
Apple assists foreign born megalomaniac to control our media and influence our elections. Wonderful.
I have never liked AT&T (especially after having to deal with their management in my professional life) but I am very pleased with my iPhone's performance. 3-5mb of connection and solid 3G here in Atlanta. I stream radio in my car all over the city. Our iPhone 4s have not dropped a single call since we picked them up on launch day. My wife uses hers for phone conferences all day long.
Great. The odds of me signing back up for MobileMe in January just shrunk considerably. Apple, where's that rabbit? I think the hat is in North Carolina. Make with the magic.
Murdoch, Keep your crap propaganda to yourself.
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