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I got mine, jack. Actually I bought a Bumper along with my iPhone 4 on the day they came out. I would never have used it without a case anyway. I thought it would be my temporary case, but I ended up liking the Bumper. It's grippy and looks nice. Like it was built, by Apple, for the phone. Stuck with it. They refunded my credit card the price of the Bumper without me having to lift a finger after Steve's press conference. And I too, do not think there will be any...
I'm hoping for a big update to iWeb. When are they going to get this cloud thing together? I want personal domain email for MobileMe. And about a hundred more things for MobileMe.
Video playback bug in iTunes 10. It's not just me. http://discussions.apple.com/thread....184&tstart=120
I rip all of my Blu-Rays for other devices such as my iPhone 4. I bought a $150 ASUS external Blu-Ray drive and use free software. It's click and rip. Easy using these instructions:http://www.macworld.com/article/1457...y_ripping.html
All videos played through iTunes are now all pixely looking. Is anyone else experiencing this? What's the deal? Scale a video up and you will see what I mean. It's like Quartz Extreme smoothing has been deactivated.
Good. Facebook is a pox on the Internet. Originally Posted by OnePotato In another five years Facebook will be just another MySpace. From your keyboard to God's inbox.
It's a convenient box, but as long as Apple is married to 720p, their digital hub dream will remain a 'hobby.' 1080p is the standard and has been so for several years.
HD is 1080p. 720p is the cheap knockoff from the HD transitional period and is a dinosaur. I can see the difference on my Mac. I can see the difference on my TV.
Ripping Blu-Ray is incredibly easy now. I bought an ASUS Blu-Ray drive for $150 at Amazon and followed these instructions using free software:http://www.macworld.com/article/1457...y_ripping.html
720p. FAIL! When will Apple adopt true HD instead of this cheap knockoff?
New Posts  All Forums: