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I played with one in an Apple Store today. Tried a title from Apple's store and a title from Netflix. Nowhere near Blu-Ray quality in any way. At this point, yes a 2.5 is accurate. Once they add AirPlay and everything else we expect softwarewise (including Hulu), I would rate it a 3.5. But that's it, because it would have been So Easy to let you stream your own 1080p media. Roku did it. I would have given it a 4 in its current state and a 5 after updated software,...
I lost interest in buying an iPad as soon as I got my iPhone 4. Look at the displays side by side. Maybe if they 'Retinaize' the next generation.
I agree. It's too high. Between the web, Netflix, and Hulu, 99 cents for one lousy show is Way Too High. That's what he's saying, right? I didn't read past the headline.
Big surprise. NBC and Apple have been at odds for a long time. It will only get worse if the Comcast/NBC merger happens. Really bad for consumers. Jeff Zucker is a schmuck who should have been axed a long time ago.
The totality of Gizmodo should go to jail for bad writing.
I'm not even going to spend the 99 cents. I just want the new box as a connector to my Mac and to Netflix.
Because their releases are always broken?
Well, if a 'tabloid' says so...
My iPhone 4 works fine, with or without a case. The low return rate speaks for itself.
Save Microsoft. Fire Bill Gates' college roommate.
New Posts  All Forums: