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Fake. The screen has definitely been Photoshopped or covered with a paper screen.
Apple needs to get on this quick. All over the Internet people are freaking out. Not just at tech sites. Everywhere. And the mainstream media are feeding their fears. People don't care about the details. They think that iPhones are feeding your whereabouts and personal info directly to people watching you on a monitor all day long. Time to respond, Apple.
Tell us! What are your cloud plans! What's with the massive data center? What is the future of MobileMe? Time's up! (and I still want .mac back as an option for emails. .me is lame.)
Let me tell you about Amway...
Studio? What about the other apps?
People like mediocrity. That's the only chance that Pawlenty or Romney have in 2012.
But Verizon's data speed has been frustrating for switchers. 'Boy Genius' switched back to AT&T because of this. Data speed/simultaneous voice and data are a high priority for me.
I still don't know a single person who owns an Android device. I was with a dozen friends that I had not seen in a while over the weekend. Several iPhones and a few Blackberrys. No Androids.
Whatever they're going to do... Just Do It, Do It, Do It!
Prosecute the lowlifes at Gizmodo and shut down the whole useless Gawkerverse. AppleZilla has spoken.
New Posts  All Forums: