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I knew it. I have been getting all around better network performance and call sound quality with my iPhone 4. Good to know.
I have a Bumper and my iPhone 4 is working beautifully. My wife did not want a Bumper (she's waiting for others to ship) and she hasn't had any problems in casual use. Personally, I like the feel of the iPhone better with the Bumper than without. I'll be watching what Vaja Cases produces. The case I got from them for my 3G was the best, most striking case I've ever had.
I just tried the Find My iPhone app. I don't know what they did, but it is Much faster than through the browser on my Mac and much more accurate. It targeted a point within ten or twenty feet of me in about thirty seconds. Nice.
The big icons popping up when you click on the cloud icon is pretty, but now I have click, move my cursor, click again just to change services. Stylish, but unnecessary. An interface no no.
I second that. I am a MobileMe user and find this article confusing.
Great. I just wish it had 64GB of memory. I will fill my 32 next week in minutes. :-(
You got that headline completely wrong. The MSM will be crowing: 'Apple iPhone 4 preorders from Apple customers involve another Apple security breach... Did we mention it's Apple?'
I've been trying that. The app keeps crashing. sigh...
How do we know that the 'glass' was the actual production glass?
I skipped the 3GS for this. My $299 is ready to go.
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