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Yay Gabby! Can't wait until she walks back into Congress.
That's a Huge drawback to me too. Also, I live in a good AT&T market where I do not drop calls and have excellent Internet service with them. I can wait a good long while and see how 'competition' develops.
I wouldn't even consider it until I see how Verizon handles the iPhone.
When I hear 'App Store,' I think of Apple. If Microsoft ever creates an original new product, I will support their rights for their unique name as well.
And with that, I deleted Chrome off of my computers.
Fail. Simply, fail.
Ick. Murdoch only became American so that he could get around our laws to apply his sleaze to our media. 'Mission Accomplished.' Ick, Steve. Ick.
Won't work with System 7 either. I am PISSED!
Where's the iWeb update? ...oh, right.
If only their support websites weren't so infuriatingly slow.
New Posts  All Forums: