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Won't work with System 7 either. I am PISSED!
Where's the iWeb update? ...oh, right.
If only their support websites weren't so infuriatingly slow.
WebTV, v2.
Yeah... Apple has been such a failure on Wall Street. If they rounded up all executives at investment firms and major banks and locked them up, America would be so much better off.
Facebook, as much of a pile of intrusive garbage as it is, has won this war. Not sure why Apple is trying to compete.
I don't Qare.
A Verizon/iPhone rumor? I've never heard one of those before.
Did any of you catch this in the article: Adds Enderle: “He is not somebody [who] any one of us would want watching our kids, but, in terms of running the company, he’s excellent.” WTF?
'Apple, you're making us rich with your revolutionary, insanely popular product. Please pay us.' Sounds like the top 2% whining to retain their tax cuts over here. We are in our second Gilded Age, but they want more.
New Posts  All Forums: