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There is no 'privacy' with any network connected device. You can be found and always assume you are being monitored. Not that Anyone is looking at you. But they can. Get over it.
It's more restrictive and has more ads than the European version. Sounds like another flavor of Pandora.
Downloading the hugeness of Lion will be interesting. I'm on a very fast connection, luckily.
I'm not going to judge this particular case, but I do know for a fact that Missouri is hardly an 'enlightened' state. And has become even less so over the last few years. It's like Mississippi is expanding Northward.
Premiere is such a convoluted, mediocre program. And CS 5.5 is such a weak update. It should have been a half price upgrade. Adobe is reminding me of Quark these days. They too, sound desperate.
No kidding. There is never going to be a 'low-end' iPhone. Why water down the device when it is selling so well. The last gen iPhone becomes the 'low-end' iPhone. Why change?
How about bringing production stateside? Use those billions on hand to be able to print 'Made In America' on iDevice boxes.
Must be difficult for a U.S. court when the two plaintiffs are large corporations. It's an easy decision when it's corporations vs. workers. Yes, it was overreaching, but the Judge probably still flipped a coin. Or is this just how it's like on the Supreme Court?
Unless something has changed again, you should be able to resurrect any ID back to the iTools days, but only as a .me address. They gave us 'one last chance' to keep them .mac a couple of years ago or so, when .mac became MobileMe.Any .Mac address that was ever registered can only be retaken by the original owner, assuming you have the password (or registration info?). But again, only as .me.
New Posts  All Forums: