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They still make Flash?
No sh*t. I have seen nothing but improvement going from a 3G to an iPhone 4. No dropped ca... make that... NO DROPPED CALLS SINCE MY WIFE AND I PICKED UP OUR IPHONE 4s ON LAUNCH DAY. A much faster and better Internet connection. I just got back from the gym where I streamed a UK radio station at 160kbps for over an hour without a single drop out.
Release it! I kept my Grandfathered iPhone data plan for this. I already am using 3GBs a month of AT&T's bandwidth to stream Internet radio. I Want More!
Propaganda Corp would not be my first choice for 'news.'
First thing I installed. 'Defacer.' Goodbye, Facebook crapola cluttering up my blogs, news and other sites.
Installed it. Works great on my mid 2009 17-inch MBP.
It's not at my local Apple Store. As the guy was telling me that they 'should' have them by end of week, I ordered on on my Apple Store app and it 'should' arrive at our home by Friday.
Goodbye Magic Mouse. Getting ready to go to the store right now.
Must be regional. I've never had a problem in Atlanta. Up or down.
Is Barton going to apologize to BP again?
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