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It's things like this that make me think about stealing music. Nah. I'll just continue to stream commercial-free music with my iPhone's grandfathered unlimited data plan, not to mention over my MacBook Pro.
Whatever they do, just give us a decent search function. Apple's web presence has a universally bad search. Oh, and make it anything like or having to do with Facebook and you lose me.
Tell me about it. Don't Facebook me, bro.
Cue massive amount of MSM critical coverage of Verizon, Android, and Motorola. Yeah, right.
I know what that means... NOTHING! I will believe it when an Apple exec is holding a press conference with a new carrier exec.
Call me when Apple and Verizon have a joint press conference.
Sadly, I predict that Apple Records will miss the boat. There is still strong interest and Love for The Beatles in the marketplace and an Apple Inc./Beatles deal is a 'magical' match... for now. I think that by the time they catch up to the rest of us, we will shrug and say, 'that's nice.' Idiots suits run Apple Records and EMI. I wish the the remaining Beatles and the two widows would step and and make this happen.
They still make Flash?
No sh*t. I have seen nothing but improvement going from a 3G to an iPhone 4. No dropped ca... make that... NO DROPPED CALLS SINCE MY WIFE AND I PICKED UP OUR IPHONE 4s ON LAUNCH DAY. A much faster and better Internet connection. I just got back from the gym where I streamed a UK radio station at 160kbps for over an hour without a single drop out.
Release it! I kept my Grandfathered iPhone data plan for this. I already am using 3GBs a month of AT&T's bandwidth to stream Internet radio. I Want More!
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