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I'll only buy it if Russell Brand sends Katy Perry over to 'give it to me.'
'Hey, look at me! I just bought a USB cable from Apple. Ain't I cool.'
Not everything needs to be 'social,' Apple. Your 'social' remake of Apple Communities ruined them.
'Consumers Don't Want Tablets, They Want iPads.'
Nobody, but nobody can convince me of a 2011 iPad 3 release. None of these rumors have swayed me one bit. iPad 3 will be next year.
Google, prepare to pay many fees on the patents you bid 'pi' on.
Who reads their regurgitated garbage. Gawker has like ten blogs, but crossposts so much, that it's like 1.5 blogs worth of content. Gizmodo is the worst. Tech 'news' for ten year olds, written by ten year olds. I can't believe they're still around.
Agreed. They do deserve to be scapegoated.
I don't see how this is possible. People are getting dumber (re: Tea Party). Smart choices are getting more and more rare.
I wouldn't buy a tube sock at Walmart to save my life.
New Posts  All Forums: