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They tried to make this an 'issue' with iPads too.
Soon the only Android users will be the ones who got it free at 7-Eleven with their Slurpee, who can't perceive a difference between one flashy screened device and another.
Nice video. The best 'does it fit in pockets' one I've seen. Helps that it's snark-free.   Makes me even more confident that the Plus is for me.
Waaaaah! I was forced free stuff? That neither impacts my storage or... What?What does it impact?
Wah! I got a free album, that doesn't take up data in my iCloud account, and did I mention it was free.   Somebody hold me...
Is their entire customer base tech blog comment trolls?   Because that seems to be who they are advertising to.   Haters.
Saved me $4.01 and added an additional 5GB. Nice.
I can't believe I am actually thinking about the 6 Plus.   Pretty sure I will abandon my iPad for it. And the Apple Watch, come 2015.   The Apple Watch/6 Plus combo seems pretty perfect.
No kidding. I charge my iPhone, iPad, Cordless toothbrush every night.   Charge or die.   They call them batteries for a reason.   Think about your car. If it didn't charge as you drove, you would be calling AAA every day.   Charge or die.
New Posts  All Forums: