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We've had Spotify for years, but I really like the Beats Music interface on my iPhone.   Will move to iTunesBeats as soon as it launches.
Wait for it... Amazon Fire Watch!
Amazon PR stunt gets extension from lobbyist owned shills.
Apple's not designing a car. They are working on CarPlay interface solutions, battery technology, and mapping improvements.   I wish this car thing would die. Distracting.
I wish Apple could stop feeding Samesung.
Hey Verizon! Get your head out of your _ _ _ and follow suit.
Oh yes. Now that streaming is being examined critically by artists, labels, and listeners themselves, ...this is the time to invest in yet another service.
I have a couple of Asus accessories.   They work well.   They ain't Macs.
Tim's a good guy.
That's impressive. Should stand up to 99.99% of normal use, but I still wouldn't shower while wearing it. I keep seeing people online hoping they can do that. I suppose you could, but me... I'll take it off.  It's not like you don't have to take it off to charge it.
New Posts  All Forums: