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Yeah, I went there on Monday. Saw the Apple Pay logo on the screen. Paid with my Watch. Blew the cashier's mind.
Invading Iraq is also better for you than Obamacare, according to this jerk.   Invading Iraq created ISIS, moron.
Glad I saved every AOL floppy and CD that I ever got.   What do I get with this takeover?
Yeah... When those taxes were 75% to 95% in the last century, the U.S. Government could barely operate on the pittance they took in. Hitler and the Commies just rolled right over us. And the middle-class were so bad off.  America produced nothing in the 20th Century!
Careful. Governor Jindal might accuse the participants of 'witchery.'
If this loses money for the Mountain View Ad Company, I'm all for it.
I've tried Beats Music and I could easily jump from Spotify, once the relaunch happens.   Looking forward to it.
Same here.
Wasn't using Strava, but I rode my bike for three hours yesterday using the native Workout app and still had 75% power afterwards. Never had to pull my iPhone out. My experience at the moment is that 3rd party apps need a Lot of work. Apple and Developers both need more real user experience to iron out the wrinkles.
LOL! Chicken Little fail. My experience is not perfect, but it's not what you said. Not nearly.
New Posts  All Forums: