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Wah! I got a free album, that doesn't take up data in my iCloud account, and did I mention it was free.   Somebody hold me...
Is their entire customer base tech blog comment trolls?   Because that seems to be who they are advertising to.   Haters.
Saved me $4.01 and added an additional 5GB. Nice.
I can't believe I am actually thinking about the 6 Plus.   Pretty sure I will abandon my iPad for it. And the Apple Watch, come 2015.   The Apple Watch/6 Plus combo seems pretty perfect.
No kidding. I charge my iPhone, iPad, Cordless toothbrush every night.   Charge or die.   They call them batteries for a reason.   Think about your car. If it didn't charge as you drove, you would be calling AAA every day.   Charge or die.
No reason to read comments at tech blogs for the next few days. The trolls are spinning their wheels away.
I've seen exactly one Windows phone out in the world.   I will never see a 'Fire' phone, no matter how much Fire logoed tape they wrap around their boxes.   Lotsa luck with that...
Another non-American. We Americans have lost our creative edge.
 They're not 'neutral.' They are isolationist. That much Nazi gold in your bankers' vaults will drive you there.
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