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Goodbye Magic Mouse. Getting ready to go to the store right now.
Must be regional. I've never had a problem in Atlanta. Up or down.
Is Barton going to apologize to BP again?
Because of the $20 tethering rip-off, I opted to keep my grandfathered unlimited plan. Anyway, there is so much Wi-Fi in the world now, that I just don't have a great need for the luxury of tethering. Meanwhile, I am 3G streaming music and video night and day. Try to cap my data to 2GB or less, will ya...
It's good to see an elected official looking after his constitutes and not wasting time denying marriage rights or pushing for tax cuts for the rich in a time of inherited economic turmoil. But I digress... My iPhone 4 is working fine.
Well they had to respond. Meanwhile our iPhone 4s are the best iPhones we've had. Better, faster connection. And this is the experience for most users. I can make the signal degrade if I really try, but in everyday use, no problems. It's perfect.
Petting zoos at all retail locations and the employees just found out that they don't have to do clean up duty.
Which it is. We love ours.
And yet my wife and I were remarking just last night how fantastic our experience with our iPhone 4s have been. I guess we'll throw them away. Not. Will Consumer Reports retest every cell phone ever made for this phenomena? No.
I knew it. I have been getting all around better network performance and call sound quality with my iPhone 4. Good to know.
New Posts  All Forums: