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A Much better function.
'Auto-Click' in Safari achieves what Morning Coffee does in Firefox. I have an 'AM' bookmark in my Bookmarks bar that I click every morning. Another for various Mac blogs. Firefox is jerky and un-Mac like. And yes, I have the latest MBP, system updates, and current version of Firefox.
I will be looking for the gotchas. Like a $45 'activation fee' whenever you want that one month of access. Also, does AT&T check your credit like when you get an iPhone? This can ding your credit score.
Enjoy your Menudo music.
Lots of Kindles and Nooks coming to eBay next month.
This was inevitable. More RAM and faster processors will make this a sweet function.
Yep. It's hard enough to get me to buy music from iTunes as it is. I'm not going to pay more just for some fancy graphics that I will likely only look at once or twice. As it is, 90% of the time I still just buy an album in CD form. Why? Because I can rip to Apple Lossless. A CD might be a couple of bucks more, often it's less. An album from a few months back or more might be $13 on iTunes. A used copy might be $10 on Amazon including shipping. And again, I pick...
That's the first thing I thought of. There are a lot of apps that just repackage a site's content. NY Times, MSNBC, TUAW, Le Monde... Is this not the same?
Used Kindles on eBay in April: $175 Used Kindles on eBay in May: $150 Used Kindles on eBay in July: $125 Used Kindles on eBay in October: $100 Used Kindles on eBay in January: $50 or Best Offer
What's 'Flash?'
New Posts  All Forums: