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I don't need tethering. So much free WiFi out there, it's ridiculous. If AT&T would have actually coughed it up last Summer, I might have considered it. Pass.
I want real numbers. How many people are using it? More importantly, how many suckers like me are using MobileMe? I really hope that server farm they are building is for boosting speed and bandwidth for the service.
Hey, AT&T. How about letting your mobile users use your WiFi hotspots free with their notebooks like your high speed Internet customers get to. I bet that would help your precious 3G network out a bit.
1080 is HD. When iTunes and Apple TV are 1080p, I am totally in.
Yikes. My new 17-inch MBP is perfect. I've been 100% portables since the 'Lombard.' Think I'll stay there.
Good idea, Apple. I downloaded it and now I have a feel for what these things are about.
Enough! I don't believe anyone.
Comcast has been lying about the existence of data hogs. http://gizmodo.com/5419179/is-the-bandwidth-hog-a-myth How do we know that AT&T isn't lying too. And what about iPhone users that use almost no data like my wife? AT&T is welcome to write a fat check to us as soon as they tax the 'data hogs.'
I would like to see the decision makers' bank records, please.
Apple is the least of my concerns. This Merger would be the beginning of the end of much of what we love about the Internet. Comcast must be stopped. Anti-Merger site: http://freepress.net/comcast
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