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Well, they won't have the originals, digitally. They never existed. Pointless for me to even speculate. Nothing will be for sure until iCloud is launched in 'Fall.' Fall, btw, lasts until December 22. Sigh.
I wonder about titles with multiple releases. Like 'remastered' titles. For instance, there have been two releases of the Beatles. If I have the 1980s Sgt. Pepper, will I get the 2009 Sgt. Pepper? Or none at all. There have been multiple releases for Lots of artists. Queen, has now had three.
Generic obvious icon constructed from others' designs. Generic obvious functionality that Apple most likely had in their labs long before this app. No case.
Ping was (is) a foil to Facebook and what's left of MySpace, more than Twitter. Which is why I barely looked at Ping.
Ouch. Slapdown of Facebook. Good Facebook is for soccer moms and drunk teens. Twitter is much more Mac like.
No kidding, Wall Street. Meanwhile those same 'geniuses' are back to destroying our economy with not even a slap on the wrist.
Why would it be? This is a completely unrelated new service.
One WiFi network better be dedicated to Steve's address that day or heads will roll.
I can't wait. I used to be against it, but I want a total service. Storage, media, email, search... everything. I want Google and Microsoft out of my life completely.
That 'revamp' of MobileMe was lipstick on a pig. I hope that whatever is coming will make us go 'wow,' like the iPhone did at launch. I am at a critical decision stage for my cloud needs. Make it 'magical,' Steve and team.
New Posts  All Forums: