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And with that, I deleted Chrome off of my computers.
Fail. Simply, fail.
Ick. Murdoch only became American so that he could get around our laws to apply his sleaze to our media. 'Mission Accomplished.' Ick, Steve. Ick.
Won't work with System 7 either. I am PISSED!
Where's the iWeb update? ...oh, right.
If only their support websites weren't so infuriatingly slow.
WebTV, v2.
Yeah... Apple has been such a failure on Wall Street. If they rounded up all executives at investment firms and major banks and locked them up, America would be so much better off.
Facebook, as much of a pile of intrusive garbage as it is, has won this war. Not sure why Apple is trying to compete.
I don't Qare.
New Posts  All Forums: