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All videos played through iTunes are now all pixely looking. Is anyone else experiencing this? What's the deal? Scale a video up and you will see what I mean. It's like Quartz Extreme smoothing has been deactivated.
Good. Facebook is a pox on the Internet. Originally Posted by OnePotato In another five years Facebook will be just another MySpace. From your keyboard to God's inbox.
It's a convenient box, but as long as Apple is married to 720p, their digital hub dream will remain a 'hobby.' 1080p is the standard and has been so for several years.
HD is 1080p. 720p is the cheap knockoff from the HD transitional period and is a dinosaur. I can see the difference on my Mac. I can see the difference on my TV.
Ripping Blu-Ray is incredibly easy now. I bought an ASUS Blu-Ray drive for $150 at Amazon and followed these instructions using free software:http://www.macworld.com/article/1457...y_ripping.html
720p. FAIL! When will Apple adopt true HD instead of this cheap knockoff?
Rupert Murdoch became an 'American' to take over our media. Murdoch is a threat to Apple and all of us.
Seems unlikely considering that record companies wanted to charge for the 30 seconds.
I don't believe that most iPad owners would even care about Beck's 'Restoring White to America' rally. Most Americans, for that matter.
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