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I mostly get a good, fast connection here in Atlanta, but once every couple of weeks or so I get a dropped call. It usually happens in the afternoon and I get the feeling that it has something to do with the uptick in cell usage that happens towards the end of the work day.
That's fantastic. I would always choose to use my own Mac.
Pass. $600 more dollars after I upgraded to CS4 just last year in these difficult economic times? Wake me when CS6 arrives.
Whatever. No matter what, there was a theft. Somebody is going to jail.
Ugh. Oprah.
'Apple's' Steve Jobs? As opposed to 'McDonald's' Steve Jobs? kidding...
Dead men walking.
I predict Hulu will get about 350 subscriptions. All from people who are reviewing the service.
What's 'Flash?'
Gizmodo needs to get their affairs in order. There's no such thing as 'death panels,' but that won't stop Apple.
New Posts  All Forums: