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Once the public option is passed, Single Payer will follow pretty quickly. Apple is placing a safe bet.
They gave us page turning, but no click and hold. sigh...
Who cares what Bill Gates' college roommate thinks? I look forward to the day that the Microsoft board votes his pasty, useless butt out.
Whatever. Where's tethering, AT&T? http://www.apple.com/iphone/iphone-3gs/tethering.html
I just got a Unibody 17-inch MacBook Pro the week before last. 8GB DRAM, 500GB@7200 RPM, and Antiglare. Of all my Macs over the years, it is by far the finest, most well made Mac I've ever owned. Glad to add to the bottom line. Now I just have to get used to CDs and DVDs ejecting from the side instead of the front. I'm converting the Beatles box sets to Apple Lossless and keep reaching to the front. LOL!
Worst Apple Product ever. Now slightly less worse.
How about just making it True HD, instead of this toy format? I agree with Steve Jobs, it's a hobby. The minute it goes 1080p, I will buy one.
1080P HD! Until the real HDTV standard is used, Apple TV remains a "hobby" device. I don't buy toys.
How about True Progressive HD Resolution? Which, Apple, is 1920 x 1080.
Nice fake. Now tell me a real release date. I need a new MBP and would like it to ship with Snow Leopard. Please, please be shipping Macs with it by August 28th.
New Posts  All Forums: