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After Stephen started asking for an iPad last week on his show, I KNEW he would have one by Monday. My wife was skeptical. The Colbert Bump ensures that the iPad will be a success.
Considering that there is a Kindle app for the iPhone, you can bet that Amazon will beef up a version for the iPad to keep those book sales. Kindles go bye-bye. $50 on eBay by mid-year.
I live in Atlanta where we have about, if not the best AT&T system. (This was the home of Cingular) I rarely have any network issues or dropped calls. Our Internet speed is almost always 2MB or more. My contract is up this summer. If AT&T's exclusivity ends I will entertain a switch, but not until another carrier has had the iPhone for a while. I want to see speed tests and read real iPhone customer reviews. Also, not being able to surf and talk at the same time is a...
It would be cool to have a Mac signed by Bill Gates, but by his useless college roommate? No thanks.
Apple has 23 billion on hand. Pay up.
I agree with others that the removable battery sounds suspicious. Additionally, I wouldn't want a removable battery. It would ruin some of the tactile sexiness of the iPhone.
I don't need tethering. So much free WiFi out there, it's ridiculous. If AT&T would have actually coughed it up last Summer, I might have considered it. Pass.
I want real numbers. How many people are using it? More importantly, how many suckers like me are using MobileMe? I really hope that server farm they are building is for boosting speed and bandwidth for the service.
Hey, AT&T. How about letting your mobile users use your WiFi hotspots free with their notebooks like your high speed Internet customers get to. I bet that would help your precious 3G network out a bit.
1080 is HD. When iTunes and Apple TV are 1080p, I am totally in.
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