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MOVE ALL MANUFACTURING FROM CHINA TO AMERICA! And Apple will be Heroes even to the Apple haters.
Please, please Apple. Install Flash into the iPad OS. I LOVE those giant web ads that push the content of whatever page I'm at two-thirds of the page down and then back up again. Flash is ever so dreamy!
So Hulu for iPad will be created to fail? I would only be interested if it was ad free.
'Old man yells at cloud.'
Already!? That's a fast update for Creative Suite. I am not putting another $600 into an upgrade this soon. Call me when CS6 is prepped.
Creative Director's POV: Clean, simple, grid driven... zzzzzz... It looks like a wireframe with FPO images instead of the final art. Hey, Balmer. Next time, hire some creatives to finish the product before it hits the shelves.
I bet. Want a Kindle cheap? Take a look at eBay in eight weeks or so.
I really hope the info about the chip is true. I skipped the 3GS and hopefully this will be my reward.
The labor cost to manufacture in Asia has risen 20% in the last three years. This is not going to stop. It's a myth that goods would cost that much more if made here (spread by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other pro-corporate entities). Adding 8 to 10% to the cost of an iPad's manufacturing is more accurate. Which would make the price rise maybe fifty bucks.Yes, I would pay fifty dollars more to employ Americans and keep cash away from an oppressive communist country.
The article says 30 companies. It's not just Apple. Anyone (which is everyone) that deals with China is dealing in slave labor. I wish that Apple would go to Detroit (or somewhere in the U.S.), buy some of the many dead manufacturing plants, and move their manufacturing into the United States. They would be heroes and I believe that they could afford it. In three or four decades, China will be the #1 financial (and likely military) superpower in the world. We need to...
New Posts  All Forums: