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I've been trying that. The app keeps crashing. sigh...
How do we know that the 'glass' was the actual production glass?
I skipped the 3GS for this. My $299 is ready to go.
All fantastic, except the memory. 64GB would have been nice.
Counting the days as my poor little 3G strains under the stress of all I demand of it.
I had a Sony-Ericsson T616 with Cingular (now AT&T) before my iPhones. My replacement plan from them cost $1.19 a month. I know that an iPhone is a much more expensive unit, but this is ridiculous. Insurance works on a scale of value. More expensive things are covered somewhat by coverage on lesser (and more common) valued things. Five or six bucks a month would be in line if you ask me. Ask me for $4.99 and I wouldn't hesitate.
No, but it will cover the prosecution.
Bill Gates' college roommate is a failure.
Bill Gates' college roommate will bomb, as usual.
I have been with several cell providers. They all suck one way or another. I spend 95% of my time within an AT&T 3G connection. I have maybe one dropped call a month. Calls are less important to me than a good internet connection and they have a fast network. I'm sticking with AT&T and getting a new 2 year contract when I buy my wife and I new iPhones next month. Yeah, they're criminals, but they all are imo.
New Posts  All Forums: