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Exactly. Samesung spends millions on attack ads. $100k is chump change to the Korean Xerox.
Failed Republican candidate, Meg Whitman is famous for stripping companies of their assets, laying off employees, collecting her check and moving on like a locust.   She's Mitt Romney in a skirt suit.   I sense her payoff is coming...
Samesung = Crappy knockoff garbage     You get what you pay for  
The letter on the third anniversary of the death of Eric Schmidt or Michael Dell or Donald Trump will be massively inspirational.
I think the goal should be to include it with iTunes Match.   Goodbye Spotify, for us, if that happens.
BREAKING NEWS! Paid lying sleezebag pervert lies.   Shocker...   DuckDuckGo now the default search on all of my APPLE devices.   STARVE THE BORG!
Yet another vote for a default of this.   To paraphrase Steve, this device was not meant for the 'baby Internet.'   My iPhone 6 Plus wants full websites, most of the time.
Samesung and DataSpyWithPervertCEOGoogle should never be included in any deal.   Apple needs to bring all hardware production stateside and they will rule the world.   I haven't used eBay/PayPal for years. There is something inherently creepy and untrustworthy about those operations.
The polarization issue no longer exists on iPhones starting with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, so it's doubtful it will exist with Apple Watches.
I measured my hand. I have Exactly average sized hands for an American male.   I have had little problem using my iPhone 6 Plus one-handed.    I was surprised how 'usable' it is.
New Posts  All Forums: