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Cheaper? Not a chance in Hell.   Larger? No kidding.
  If you have iTunes Match, it's a no-brainer freebie. Ad free iTunes Radio is worth 25 bucks a year.
I'm planning on getting a 7th generation Corvette later this year, or next year.    Hopefully this is one of the Chevrolets slated for Apple/Siri support.
No ads with iTunes Match = Win for me.   Will be using more streaming data in my car, and most everywhere.
15-inch Retina MacBook Pro Upgrade.   15-inch Retina MacBook Pro Upgrade.   15-inch Retina MacBook Pro Upgrade.   Or else I get a Chromebook as my main machine.     ...heh... What happened to those things anyway?
We've come full circle to System 7.   I look forward to this so called 'QuickTime' on my iPhone.   And standard 'True Color' will be awwwwwsooooomeeeee!
Oh, Sony... How pitiful you have become. I miss the old days.   Who will end up owning Sony?   Samsung? Apple? Microsoft? Amazon? The Mountain View Ad Company?
  All this started under Bush, because... you know... Freedom!
Well, that's the end of gazelle.com and the like. iPhones are where they make their profit.
Well, of course I'll try it out. But I was hoping for a Spotify killer... Well actually, Spotify is pretty Apple-like and I enjoy it, so I guess I break even there. And I won't even consider the Mountain View Ad Company version, because they will just spy on me and sell my info, not even to the highest bidder, but pretty much anybody with cash.   No, Larry Page. I will not 'share' my medical records with you.   I haven't used Pandora in a year or so. Rarely liked...
New Posts  All Forums: