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Buy Transit too, please.
  Ditto. What's the slowdown?
New iPhones every year now?   Or will this just be for crappy GoogleAndroid phones that you get with a free suit?
The American Justice System: Creating monopolies, making corporations people, and selecting our presidents since 2000 and beyond.
Crooks. Samsung should be banned from doing business in the U.S.
Swell. Now where's the Haswell Retina MBPs?   I need a new Mac.   Now.
There's no accounting for taste. Especially with a device you can get for free with a cheap suit.
I am crazy for this idea. Must be my French heritage.
How long does it take to fix reported problems? A grocery store near me is marked almost a mile from where it actually is.   I've reported it twice in the last three months.
New Posts  All Forums: