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Oh Noes! By transitive property, this will make me teh gay when I buy my iPhone 6 this Fall.   I'll alert my wife immediately...
Goodbye Verizon.   Hello T-Mobile iPhone 6.
Great! I use the native Podcasts app every day. Installing...
Google really knows how to pick 'em.
If Apple doesn't learn how to spend like Samsung, they'll never amount to anything.   ...heh...
I want 'avoid highways' in Apple Maps.   This is what I want.   Period.
Deleted it.
Crap.   So Google won.   Waiting for Google and Comcast to combine and screw us all.
Copy American technology. Produce it cheaper.   No innovation happens West of the United States or East of Germany.
Just another vanilla audio service propping up crappy audio devices for sucker children.
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