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If this was a Google product I would avoid it like nuclear waste, because I would know that Google is selling every bit of data I put in to the highest bidder... lowest bidder... anyone really.   Will Microsoft be doing the same?
I want the ability to avoid highways in driving directions. 
 That tea party has sailed. 
Brewer only did this to save $$$. The 19th century (pre-Emancipation Proclamation) still rules the Arizona state government.
Can anyone explain to me why Apple isn't going nuclear on Google?   When do the lawsuits finally begin?   Are they waiting until the Samsung suits are over? I've always thought that those suits were just practice.
Item One Of 'Start Over' Plan:   Crank Up The Xerox Machines.
Is there a setting within the app that prevents you looking like a glasshole, barking orders into thin air, and taking secret videos of 'hot chicks?'
Bargain. Perfect. Feels like it came with iOS 7. 
I'd like to see those graphics in a wallpaper for the entire line of Apple device screens.
AppleZilla unveils his middle finger to AT&T.
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