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Samsung's bribe trail expands yet again.
Update the Retina Macbook Pros, please.   My nearly four year old 17-inch MBP is still going strong (especially after installing an SSD), but I've got the new Mac itch. Also my wife's six year old iMac is wearing thin on her and she's coveting my MBP.
What's Google+?
My nearly four year old MBP has a battery health of 87%. I'll have a Retina MBP long before my battery fails.     Anyway, I am hoping for Haswell Retina MBPs to be ready to ship in July. Am I just dreaming?
C'mon Apple Radio. Kick all of their butts. 
Hey look. It's Apple Maps with more detail.   Google steals again.
CS5 still fulfills all my needs, and is paid for. And far cheaper alternatives are nipping at their heels. Adobe 2013 = Microsoft 1990s. Buh-bye...
Wall Street hasn't been about actually investing to create things for a long, long time. It's now about passing money around and skimming off the top to make the rich richer, and never to create a single job.   Apple is out profiting Everyone. And I mean EVERY COMPANY ON EARTH.   Yet these 'experts' are not impressed.   When society finally breaks down, Wall Streeters will be the first ones eaten.
How about celebrating with better pricing?   90% of the time, I can still get a Physical CD Mailed To Me From Amazon, for less than albums on the iTunes store.
On Tuesday my wife was out of town. I texted her four times. Each one went via regular text, instead of via Messages format, but they got there.
New Posts  All Forums: