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I am crazy for this idea. Must be my French heritage.
How long does it take to fix reported problems? A grocery store near me is marked almost a mile from where it actually is.   I've reported it twice in the last three months.
I just had a Great Idea! An app that produces videos... 20 second long!   One billion dollars please, Mr. Zuckerberg.
Ok. How do we know where these people were when they tweeted on their mobile device?   I never tweet at home on my iPhone, and rarely at work, several miles away. In fact most of my tweets are 10+ miles away from home, if not in other cities all together.
'HBO Go requires a paid cable subscription to HBO'   Pathetic dinosaurs.   http://theoatmeal.com/comics/game_of_thrones
I can't find the link to the 'article' citing all of these problems within this post. Can someone help me, please?
Looks like a black Jet Engine to me.   I wonder of it runs without the outer shell? That would look bad-ass.
Cheaper? Not a chance in Hell.   Larger? No kidding.
  If you have iTunes Match, it's a no-brainer freebie. Ad free iTunes Radio is worth 25 bucks a year.
I'm planning on getting a 7th generation Corvette later this year, or next year.    Hopefully this is one of the Chevrolets slated for Apple/Siri support.
New Posts  All Forums: