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It's time to totally separate Apple from Asia.   Criminal fascists from China and Korea cannot be trusted.
I know I personally am buying a lot less and streaming Spotify a lot more. Then again, most of the music I listen to I have owned for years, much of which is on Spotify.   Dunno what the future holds for all this. I'll look into Beats Music once Apple gives me a reason to. Pretty happy with Spotify.
Just like Foursquare's 'Swarm' app, I don't care.   Stop pushing these junior apps on us.
Yikes. Thank you, Jesus.   Seriously, Phew!
I want to be able to exclude highways from turn by turn directions, please.
Oh Noes! By transitive property, this will make me teh gay when I buy my iPhone 6 this Fall.   I'll alert my wife immediately...
Goodbye Verizon.   Hello T-Mobile iPhone 6.
Great! I use the native Podcasts app every day. Installing...
Google really knows how to pick 'em.
If Apple doesn't learn how to spend like Samsung, they'll never amount to anything.   ...heh...
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