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Fast. I like it. Android would have given up and released device 1.0.1   Downloading...
At the moment, I am still happy with my mid-2009 17-inch MBP (upgraded with SSD).   Apple, ship a Retina 17-inch model and you have my money.
Desparation. I will drop Spotify the moment Apple's Beats Music happens.
Great President. Great Smartphone.
Runkeeper has been working flawlessly for me. Right now it has very limited functionality. Basically start whatever kind of activity you already have set up in Runkeeper, plus pause, restart, stop, and save. I've been biking while running Runkeeper and Apple's Workout app, to get data from both. Thinking of trying the Nike app next. All of these apps will really shine once the native SDK is released.
Yeah, I went there on Monday. Saw the Apple Pay logo on the screen. Paid with my Watch. Blew the cashier's mind.
Invading Iraq is also better for you than Obamacare, according to this jerk.   Invading Iraq created ISIS, moron.
Glad I saved every AOL floppy and CD that I ever got.   What do I get with this takeover?
Yeah... When those taxes were 75% to 95% in the last century, the U.S. Government could barely operate on the pittance they took in. Hitler and the Commies just rolled right over us. And the middle-class were so bad off.  America produced nothing in the 20th Century!
Careful. Governor Jindal might accuse the participants of 'witchery.'
New Posts  All Forums: