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Let me translate:   Apple 'will never' launch a new 4-inch iPhone model, period.
Bring back Ron Johnson.
Uh, no. I'll stick with Spotify until Apple integrates Beats Music, thank you very much.
Sounds like it's sport models with sport bands only. Our steels are nowhere to be seen, even though we ordered ours seconds after they were available for order.
Yes it flips. I'm right handed, but for certain logistical reasons, I'm thinking of wearing it on my right wrist.
Finally!     On edit: LOL! Of course the Siri tour alerted my iPhone 6 Plus with 'Hey Siri.'
When I was a teen, my parents bought me one of those early red LED watches. It cost about 200 bucks. Probably nearly a grand in 2015 dollars.
Got our order in right after sales went live. Ordered a couple of sport bands along with our steel banded watches, but it looks like those will not arrive until after the Watch.   Blue and Black: 2-4 weeks White: May   Hopefully they step up the production on the sport bands.
That screenshot of 'The Verge' is perfect. The so-called review was clearly staged and meant for Apple haters.
Ugh. The Verge. They make Mashable and Gizmodo seem like geniuses.
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