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Does this mean yet another iPhone funeral procession?
In my household there are 4 iPod Touchs, 1 iPod Classic, 2 iPads, 2 Macbooks and 1, only 1 iPhone.
However, once the door for purchased text tones is opened, creating your own should not be an issue.
Frankly, I think the FBI should be called in. Using this patent to extort money for in-app purchasing is in my opinion inter-state fraud.
A lot of 3G iPad2s also left the U.S. without being activated. *cough* *cough*
iTunes already has an "allowance" system built in for the kiddies. There is absolutely no reason to provide kids with a password that accesses the Credit Card.
Video cameras take lousy stills. Heck, 1080p HD is only a little over 2MP and 720p a little less then 1.
Hmm, Java fix yesterday and Safari fix today. When is Pwn2own again?
Maybe the BGR report is accurate. But wasn't supposed to be released until Thursday. Maybe this is all some sort of CMS screw up. ... or maybe not.
Shared library does not equal home share library. ATV2 won't even see my firefly library. Libraries must have the same apple id to be on the same "home share", however you can have multiple home shares on the same network. I've tested all of the above.
New Posts  All Forums: