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I really starting to think the first to add a hard drive and DVR for steams will win. Plus a better processor wouldn't  hurt.
The only problem I see is this IMHO is a dumb move because it is well known most businesses have forgone windows 8 and keep Windows 7. This is why most serious applications for Windows still support Windows 7. Plus the outrageous yearly fees for employers is pushing them to Linux servers.
Also watch some replacement hard drive videos (just find your Mac model). This will give you a great reference before changing out the drive yourself.
In my area they are all operated by franchisees.
Apple is starting an experiment OS iOS built in the car. Then an integration into the Maps apps so you can track/ disable your stolen car.
I guess that is why I still use Cash whenever going to small businesses whenever possible.
I saw the fix for this over at another thread. These fixes might help, Good Luck.
All I know is the first person that walks into a public bathroom (or one at a sporting event for example) wearing one of these Google Glasses is going to get punched. 
I saw somewhere else the blog post Potential fix for an annoying MacBook Air wireless issue and some users have report this seems to works so it might be something to try. What could it hurt?
A moment of silence for the Fourth Amendment now please.
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