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Please New Mac Pro configuration! The current look on the Mac Pro is old and stale!
That is the sad truth.
Well what bothers me on iTunes is it memory leak (if you play music over hours the memory footprint starts climbing like crazy). Plus if you search for a genre of music it is a lot harder to find music/movie of a certain style.
Will like to know the PCs percent of NetBook numbers compared to their regular PC laptops. This would be a real eye opener for Wall Street.
Well you never had one with ATVFlash or AppleTVHacks.
Windows 7 on it's own hard drive in my Mac Pro (running 10.6.2) and everything works except for the external FireWire iSight driver. I can't get the Windows 7 to get the driver and I tried everything I could.
I know of some people would love to have the AT&T 3G MicroCell. I guess AT&T's determined either the product was a failure or there network couldn't handle it is widespread use of it. Just another example of AT&Ts' constant network failures. How many AT&T customers haven't hand a dripped call at least once, due to AT&Ts poor overloaded? AT&T sure love/hates iPhones.
I could see someone in Apple probably did ask questions about this.
Kids pay no attention to this lying Scrooge.
The is a crux of this argument in my mind. To me who your cell phone company it really depends on the coverage in your local area. That is why I wish their was no network exclusivity for cells phones at all. Hopefully Congress will get involved in this argument and help consumers for once.
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