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One sentence could be said to the employees "No shop talk outside the shop"!
Siri or good voice control for the TV? I still can;t believe the small TV sizes the rumors are about. That is what it makes me pause.
Wow! They got an article stating the obvious.
Maybe they did but their email wasn't working.
Maybe this will bring better support for the built-in Cisco VPN system.
So is mine. I am really ready for the new iPhone to come out!
This is an outrage! What is the excessive use to AT&T? 2G/month or 5G/month? As a grandfathered AT&T customer I am feeling like they don't appreciate me as a user. The Unlimited account was the only reason I have jumped and AT&T just lost me as a customer (that rarely goes over 2G a month - only during a vacation). Edit: I actually only use no more the 70MB during the past 5 months.
I have seen this with my nephews when I was on Vacation to my old home town. Plus don't forget the two Android phones for one family plan as well as other promotions giving away free android phones.
What about walkie talkies and things along that line? What about wireless routers? What about living near radio station towers?
I just got a feeling this will be b the old saying "Sell on a rumors a couple of days before the announcement and then buy it right back after the announcement, when it doesn't live up to the unrealistic expectations". I bet these "analysts" will see in a couple of days and just buy their shares back a day after the announcement.
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