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Looks like you are right!
We should not just reply to this troll AndroidDomination. He will not be here after this thread and is to dumb to defend an Android manufacture that doesn't even update their Android updates unlike other Android manufactures. Samsung just tells users to buy a new version of their phone to get the update. So AndroidDomination is just a stupid troll that is looking for attention.
What ever seems to forget is Crome is based on Apple's Webkit. Sure Apple made Webkit opensource but don't surprised when Apple takes Webkit back. Beside what will Google do when Webkit includes HRML5 in Webkit? Drop Webkit?
As of right now it's like seeing Bigfoot in the Apple world. I will believe it when they go on sale in stores us mortals can buy.
I will believe when I see it, not before! Beside us Gen X people really despise those Baby Boomers.
I don't know about this App Store. I right now think the iPhone App Store is way to over bloated right now and is hard to find applications when surfing for a certain function. Then Apple will introduce an OS X App store that will exhibit the same bloat problem.
Three reasons most everyone has a FaceBook profile, in priority order: 1. Play the addicting games, mostly for free. 2. Chat with loved ones, free on the net to get past the work firewall blocking most all chat programs.. 3. Connect with some family, friends and maybe connect to an old girlfriend or boyfriend. However most of the things used is 'Games"!
The licensing scheme Microsoft is using for the release is the reason I am not getting it. I can't install it on my Mac Pro & my Mac Book Pro at all now. I have to have a special "upgraded" license now where as in the path I could use Office on either machine, just not at the same time. Microsoft is taking that away now and the license is tied to just one machine now. Shame they are looking for even more money from us poor mac users now. This is like Microsoft is shooting...
Once the studios figure out that they can skip paying cable companies and sell directly to customers who want it, when they want it, CableTV is going to be on serious straights.
The majority of Jail Breakers want free Apps that available where they don't have to pay the App store prices. They want that new Add shown on TV for free. The best thing I have heard is the people who Jail Break are freetards that think all software should be free. They are the same people who get their Windows software fell off the back of a truck. They all need PhotoShop and that new cool game too, for FREE.
New Posts  All Forums: