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I want a modern version of SMB!
Radio over FM is dying! With Satellite Radio and internet radio streams I hardly listen to regular radio anymore. To me regular radio is commercials interrupted by a song or if you are lucky two songs. I listen to AM just for traffic updates, news & sports when on the road. Until GPS Units can get current traffic conditions that aren't over a hour old, AM is still the best way to learn the coming up traffic conditions.
To see if Unix can fix it boot into Single-User Mode and run /sbin/fsck -fy. Keep running that command until it returns that all is good. To boot back into normal OS X just type: reboot . Good Luck.
When will Click-to-Flash be ready for Android? Inquiring minds want to know.
Well the Android fanboys seem to be very silent on this issue.
That is exactly what came to my mind!
Expect massive waits for the iOS 4 and Apple's servers being overwhelmed. I see this in my mind's eye.
Apple is failed Economics 101. With the past record selling of iPhones and now there botching the initial pre-order and having less than 10000 White models tells me that someone at Apple is getting yelled at by Steve Jobs, rightly so!
Yet you can't buy a White one yet! Apple is failing at Economics 101.
This is very bad. AT&T is now causing Apple to loose money! Plus the White iPhone issue is a simple case of supply and demand and how Apple has failed economics 101. My AAAPL stock is going to get hit because of this ineptness.
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