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Well I wonder if this has to do with the Apple Network Center they were building in North Carolina?
Nope. This modern day rewrite of old media is sicking! Can't these media writers come up with original ideas?
This is why I don't watch NBC anymore! This just enforces my conviction that that company is a dinosaur and will die slowly on the vine.
+1 You took the words out of my mouth.
Bet it will be Wi-Fi only.
+ 1 and more
I have been saying for years don't trust tech coming soon hype. Only believe what you can see and is selling. I seen to much vaporware in my life I have become a skeptic in my old age of telecom and tech industries press releases.
This is a classic tale of why we need software patent reform in the US and around the world. These patents on general ideas is getting old real fast and will inevitably stifle electronic innovation.
My problem with Gizmodo's stories is they had the info, FaceBook page and other things at least a week before posting the info and when Chen's house was raided on a FRIDAY evening but they don't say anything until mid Monday. I call all this behavior fishy and don't trust any of their stories. First was their childless CES prank that got kick out of CES for good and now this "scoop". These children need none of my internet clicks and I pray that someday someone will take...
This is what I think too.
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