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This is getting good. I am sitting back with my popcorn and beer enjoying the fireworks.
How about when they turned off presentations I was watching at the 2008 CES ?
The problem is Gizmodo people are not journalists. They are part of a blog. IMHO they are scum that don't deserve page hits.
Well Your opinion just fell apart right there! You don't seem to remember the Trojan Software for iPhone episode.
Are you a jerk all the time?
I always felt it is it should be called "I bitched about what's was wrong is Vista and you mostly fixed it".
Wow the A4 is a real screamer! Plus a year of advances seam to have paid off also. So how is benchmarks against an almost year old device news?
I bet of these "problems" are networks with MAC address protection on them. The internet is always full of people that no idea about basic networking, wireless or wired. When you ask them about what security and frequency they are running, they have no idea.
Yep the war against rural people is still being waged!
The only way I would BUY Hulu is they provide me videos with ZERO Adds in the Movie/TV show.
New Posts  All Forums: