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Note to GreenPeace: Apple is running their new Data Center on Nuclear Power!
The iPad is most definitely not Solider proofed!
I second that!
I have a said since the January non-release that apple will not be up[dating the MBP until June (around WWDC) so it will be fresh for back to school sales. Plus releasing one right now would screw with their sales cycles.
All I can say this should replace HDMI. Besides most new TV's should have a display port on them in the near future since it doesn't cost a fee to have one installed plus Display ports are superior to HDMI.
Well it looks like Apple actually did their touch homework.
Reading this article makes me think of my stand again. I will not buy a Application that has Adds in it. I even find it criminal that in regular magazine I used to pay a subscription to when it was filled to the brim in adds. I dropped said magazine because of the wall to wall adds and sorely lacking articles. So these iPad magazines better have more substance in them if they expect me to buy them.
I pray he gets better soon.
I have never used a screen protector because I know I would screw up applying it. However not every case is made evenly to protect. There was a case I bought that scratched the back of my 3GS like hell that i noticed after only a couple of days. I searched and found another case that was thinner & padded inside. so buyer beware on any cell phone case make sure it has good protection for the back of your cell phone while using one.
Bad DRM for one!
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