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This is good news for Apple and bad news for those waiting for a Mac Book Pro updates. I still stand by my statement that apple will announce a new update to the Mac Book Pro at WWDC. It will be the most logical time for fall back to school sales. If they release one now it will mess up the fall sales. Most Mac fans will not find the logic but they will get the clue due to the stronger than expected sales for the current version. Why should apple update it now when...
Will Google stock go down on this news?
What if the place is haunted? I am being serious because I had a relative that had to move out of a 125 year old Victorian because things were real strange and he feared for his baby (6 months old). The people who bought the place moved out in 3 months and it still on the market. So be careful in what you "wish" for.
Google is evil! They act as if it's their highway or nothing while they want you to use their "free" applications while they collect every piece of information from to bombard you with targeted adds. When will people wake up and notice that all Google adds target you even if you searched for a sight you only went to once in your life. So say goodbye to privacy. Heck the initial roll out of Buzz should have given a clue with what Google wants with the data you use...
Ghost Busters.
Please take the next step and ban him for life.
The App I want to run is FStream. I can listen to any web radio with this application as long as I can find the stream URL. I just love the the way you can put any radio feed into this App.
Well to all of those think Apple shouldn't go after companies that copy from them should look at the Duet W002. Talk about cloning at it's worse.
Then do the easy thing n00b and buy ATVFlash since you can't figure out the AppleTV is really hackable. It is amazing what you can do to that little machine.
Troll much? You must really love living underneath bridges.
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