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Can I suggest that maybe Bond shouldn't use a Cell Phone at all, because it dates the film instantly. Go back and watch a few of the Pierce Brosnan films and laugh at the phones he was using. 
Naw, this is worse:     I saw this with my father, technophobe, and he looked over and said "People don't do that, right?"   "No, dear father we do not. So, please, join me to Best Buy, where we shall buy you a new TV to replace the one that my fist just shattered at a high rate of speed." 
Most newer TVs will combine the Audio inputs to a single AUX or Optical out. This does suck for those with older TVs without it though.
Here's the truth: The whole flag controversy was done for three reasons: 1) It happened in South Carolina, one of the only states who thinks flying a flag of a rebellion is a good idea. 2) One of the victims was a leader in the push to remove that symbol. 3) The real way to honor those victims would be to help keep guns out of the hands of Opie the Racist up there, but unfortunately, the Constitution says he can have those guns and we only get to deal with the...
Your moral standards are wrong and stupid. Get over yourself. 
Hopefully it's just a temporary thing to be sure they're historical games or have legitimate value before returning them. 
Sorry, no hoax software. /so sad.
I have the original Pebble and love it. I think i'd love the Apple watch too, but at 350$ I can't be sure. At 99$ I was happy to try the Pebble and it does the two functions I want: the time, and vibrating and showing my notifications (I'm hearing impaired, so I don't always hear it, and don't always feel it on my belt pouch). It works for me. Now I'm not sold on buying a Pebble Time - I'd like to see what the App makers can do with it. But I'm not going to be investing...
These are Americans. They long ago gave up personal liberty for stupid things like "lower prices" and "security".
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