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Apple won't transfer off of x86 until there's a compelling reason. "Having to wait for Intel" is not compelling - every major PC manufacutrer is waiting too. I'm running on PC stock that's 7 months old now because until we know what's going on with Windows 10 and the 5th gen chips come on out, they're not builiding anything they weren't in the run up to the Holiday season. 
Q: do you think the next step for online payments will be embedding NFC Receivers in Macs, so we can use Apple Pay online?   Imagine that? Being on Amazon, you see a product, you click on buy, it prompts you to hold your phone to the palm rest of your Macbook or the chin of your iMac or the case of your Mac Mini or Mac Pro, and you TouchID to confirm, and it would auto transmit a token with your info and payment in one batch, securely? 
 No, the Laptop's only job was to take the desktop experience and make it portable. It still has the paradigm of keyboard and mouse, standard desktop I/O, fixed drives, and the same resolution screens as desktops. 
I work selling retail printers - the real problem is not TOO MUCH use.... it's too little. People let printers sit for weeks unused, ink dries up in the print heads and then it's useless, often damaging the printer as much as the cartridge.    In this way, Laser is superior in that it can sit for weeks or months.    I tell people to try and print something every week or so - just a line of each color (CKMY). The small use of ink saves tons of dried, head-damaged 70%...
 What shocks me more is people think they weren't tracking people of interest long before all of this.
My single biggest issue is I really, really don't want my medical info on my phone, on my watch, or it tracking those. I honestly could give less then a crap how many stairs I climb or how far I've walked.    All I want is something simple, that looks really nice, that lets me do the things I pull my phone out for - checking time, checking messages, seeing notifications. It would be nice if it were affordable but if it's nice I'll pay up.   I don't see that with Apple...
Well simple consideration: Men have to carry their phones in a small coat pocket at best, but most likely jean pocket or maybe a hip holster. Women have purses, so they can easily afford much bigger ones. 
went right into Verizon today. Transfering from Virgin Mobile, was in and out in 15 minutes. Went with a 6 64gb in Black. Shipped to me on the 19th.    Joy to the world.
The source is the same. Bigotry, intolerance, fear. They want intrusive government, just for their own peeves. They just aren't pushed to the brink like many militants are. 
You asked for examples, they gave examples. You are moving the goalposts. But since we're on this, let's give one more, which merges both gay rights and racial equality. Bayard Rustin was a close ally of Martin Luther King Jr. and the main organizer of the 1963 March on Washington (where King gave his famed I have a Dream speech). Also? Gay. And the powers-that-be, who were trying to discredit the Civil Rights movement tried to slander him, like it was a problem. Well Rev....
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