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I'm eager to see this device in person. I think it's worth it just to help improve it. I just am nervous given it's all ready been delayed once. 
it's too bad I really rely on Chrome's bookmark syncing. I use Bookmarks on 10 or so devices, laptops, desktops, tablets, phone, set-tops and a few dual booting. The only thing that really gets my bookmarks everywhere is Chrome.
  A) I think part of what the goal here is to push developers to stop relying on tiny PCI cards. They SHOULD be a dying format. We should have fast breakout boxes with seperate cooling and processing (which can also be turned off when not needed). Spending boku bucks on cards that hide inside your computer is an old idea - one we should be working to dismiss.    B) The design is similar to many super computers, with a large central cooling vent. 
That's a lot of processor juice to do something you could easily do by looking to the top center of the screen....
Not true at all.    In the US, only specific regions in Georgia, for instance can grow Vidalia onions. Grow the same onions anywhere else, and you can't call them vidalias. Lots of places have region-specific brand identifications that are govermentally controlled. 
This is the same kind of patriotic warbbling that comes out of some of the lesser-minded US politicans. It wouldn't be so desperately sad if it wasn't for the fact that French culture is so pervasive all over the world. They're not "Defending" French culture, they're stagnating it.
That's because both are two-step verification systems. It's something you know (Your password) and something you have access to - your iOS device (there is also another choice, something you are - that's biometrics, but they've proven elusively hard to make commercially viable at a reasonable cost). If you have a door at your work place that has a keycard and a pin code, that's two-step verification too.    I've been using Battle.net Auth for years. Blizzard encourages it...
well if the build quality of the Lenovos in my store are any indication, it's because they've completely abandoned the wonderful thinkpad-style devices in favor of their own lack-luster designs. 
I'm more interested in hearing future work on network growth.
Well then I got a bunch of code violations at my store - I've got 3 or 4 notebooks labeled as "Ultrabooks" with HDDs, not an SSD in sight. God I'd appreciate them.
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