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I got a chromecast on a lark.   if you're doing what it is programmed for, it's a cool toy: streaming Youtube and Netflix to it from my computer worked easily and well. Throwing MST3K episodes from Youtube on there worked easily and the picture seemed pretty good.   Then I jumped over to Twitch.tv, a non-supported site to see if I could catch a replay of the Hearthstone stream from earlier today. There's no option to use it, so you have to throw a Chrome browser...
same thing happened to me rnb - I'd love Verizon, they're very strong in my area, but the prices for just one phone were terribly unreasonable. I ended up with Virgin Mobile.
My brother got one of these for his birthday. I was skeptical but so far he's loving the heck out of it. I am too - he actually notices and responds to my iMessages when I send them to him. The only negative to him is the rubberized wrist band. He's replacing it with a leather one, just standard. Other than that, it's a perfect little device. I can't wait to see what Apple will bring to the table on this front. 
I'm a sprint customer via Virgin Mobile. I'm hoping for better coverage and maybe LTE.
I will say if the iPhone didn't exist, the Lumia 920 is the phone I'd want. It's a gorgeous piece of kit. Feels great in the hand and Windows Phone 8 is a leap and bound above Android.   That said, the iPhone does indeed exist. So I'll never have a reason for it. 
LOL "Liberal Agenda"? Have you ever tried to get liberals to agree on anything?   Here, have some fun, try to plan a meal for a Liberal meeting sometime. Or try to keep things on topic without delving into everyone's pet concerns. Can't be done!   There is no "liberal agenda" - you choose that phrase for two reasons. One, it sounds scary, like there's a sinister plot about. And Two, because your right-wing media masters (And those actually DO exist - Alles, Limbaugh,...
I'm eager to see this device in person. I think it's worth it just to help improve it. I just am nervous given it's all ready been delayed once. 
it's too bad I really rely on Chrome's bookmark syncing. I use Bookmarks on 10 or so devices, laptops, desktops, tablets, phone, set-tops and a few dual booting. The only thing that really gets my bookmarks everywhere is Chrome.
  A) I think part of what the goal here is to push developers to stop relying on tiny PCI cards. They SHOULD be a dying format. We should have fast breakout boxes with seperate cooling and processing (which can also be turned off when not needed). Spending boku bucks on cards that hide inside your computer is an old idea - one we should be working to dismiss.    B) The design is similar to many super computers, with a large central cooling vent. 
That's a lot of processor juice to do something you could easily do by looking to the top center of the screen....
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