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  To be fair, I'm in the same boat as ElectroTech. I have used Macs since the bad old Mid-90's, rid out OS 7.5, 7,6, 8, 9 and the early versions of OS X until things got really good. And I evangelized the Mac the whole time. And despite that, I decided to downsize too, get a gaming PC and a Mac Mini with it. It doesn't please me, but the 21" iMac is now not much more then a good quality laptop in a less movable box. it's gorgeous and if it fits your needs, that's...
He made me stop shopping at my local JCP. They use to have my town's best selection of odd sized men's clothing - big and tall, just tall, ect. That all went away when the store was redone. Now I'm lucky to find a XT t-shirt. So they lost my business. They tell me to catalog order, but if I do that, why not shop online? I liked I could go actually see the items. Now if I need a shirt I gotta trek 30 miles to the nearest b-n-t store and get a much more limited selection.
Well, I like the Mac Pro, but it starts at 2000 dollars. My gaming PC with a nVidia GTX 660, 24" monitor (a tiny bezel one so it would fit in my space- tight but gorgeous with HDMI), an HDMI KVM and a Mac Mini for my mac things the total is 1600. And remember I gotta get a monitor for that Mac Pro, so I wasn't escaping for under 2200. That's a lot of money difference. Also ,the graphics card choices for the Mac are, well, limited. If I was committed to the Mac, had...
Sadly Apple lost me as an iMac customer. i don't have the room for a 27" computer monitor. I don't want it, and I don't need it. And by choosing to remove the discrete graphics card and the RAM upgrades from the 21" iMac, it has lead me to just choose not to invest in another. I built a gaming PC with Win 8 and will be getting the lower-profit Mac Mini to match it. Overall, I'll be decreasing my Apple investment. I feel bad-  I like the iMac. I never had a single hiccup...
Stop saying 199 for the GN7.    That's the 8 gig version. It's 250 for the 16 gig that is equal to the iPad.   For the 80 dollars, you get a 35% bigger screen, iOS 6, less Google, a stronger, Al and Glass enclosure compared to the plasticized rubbery feel of the GN7, and the Apple support compared to Asus'.    Apple is not far off in terms of raw processing, and it's way ahead on intangibles. 
exactly rangerd. I sell lots of 600 desktop PCs - none of them have discrete graphics. Internal all the way. I'm still waiting on the good idea of Thunderbolt break-out boxes with PCI-e to put a graphics card into.
When will you chicken littles get it? SPECS DON'T MATTER. It's not the features, it's the benefits. That is, it's not what the device CAN do, it's what the device ACTUALLY does. And usability wise, Apple is unmatched, with the best OS and the best App ecosystem. That's what keeps people coming back.
Won't be the first time Apple broke people's expectations.
Also, Wall Street was having a down day -250 points on the Dow, Apple down 6 before the event started.
So unpopular that it's become one of the biggest selling PC games of all time. 6.3 million copies last I heard, not including the 1.2 million that WoW players got for signing up for the Annual Pass.    And Pandarans, the characters in WoW: Mists of Pandaria, have been a long, long time request by fans - it also adds 5 more levels of content, a new class, a new continent, a new focus on the story, and several new end-game play methods (gear-normalized timed dungeon...
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