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What could go wrong when people offer up secret evidence?  Nothing bad has ever happened...
@rivie62 How many years has this excuse by Android lovers/Apple haters been constantly repeated? Six? Seven years now?
 Samsung is a lot bigger than Apple with a much larger product matrix.  The make everything from semiconductors to heavy equipment. ... and it shows.  When it comes to electronics, they really don't offer up really that much in the way of innovation.  It's as if they have sales slots that need to be filled for the sake of being filled.
IBM and Cisco have shown there is serious international blowback that hits the bottom line.
 They can just get the data content from AT&T, Verizon and the like. I think it's a shakedown for money and potentially people in the DoJ bureaucracy hoping that Apple will see the light and offer some of these DoJ people cushy jobs so Apple no longer runs afoul of the DoJ in the future.  To bring in some "DoJ expertise" to Cupertino.  We sort of see that already when it comes to what happens to most IRS agents.
Here's hoping Judge Cote will explain her position because this is some pretty devastating accusations even if it's from the WSJ rag.   It isn't just her behaviour, it's also the DoJ.  Of all the price fixing going on out there, LIBOR, EURBOR, ISDAfix, foreign currency exchange, price of oil, price of gold, price of sliver, price of food, the DoJ decided to put all it's efforts at deal with pricing fixing in ... ebooks.   The elites from top to bottom are losing...
 I've wondered if the likes of LG and Samsung largely went into the mobile handset business on their own as the other big names started getting slaughtered.  People like Nokia, Motorola, Ericsson, and so forth, started drawing down their supply chain, leaving people like LG and Samsung with production lines churning out parts that were not being bought by anyone else. So, you have all this inventory and production lines that still haven't been fully paid for.  If they...
 If their solution was better than Android, one would think they'd emphasize it.
 The judge should have appointed you then.  Would have been a better deal than the one she appointed.  But, unfortunately, those at the top usually have rather ... flexible views on ethics and up at that level everything seems to be one gigantic circlejerk.
 Why is Apple basically force to subsidize this guy?  If he has to hire outside people, why didn't Judge Cote assign *them* in the first place?  Because the system is a scam.  Lawyers taking care of each other.This is why people outside of the law industry (and that's what it is though some would actually call it a scam) just can't fathom this.  Logic is perverted.  Optics inside are so very different and they call come off as tone-deaf.  They live in a kind of Matrix or...
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