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 Oh, only $200.00 an hour!  That level of pay for that kind of work is so unreasonably undervalued!   How can they possibly manage to live on $200 an hour?!  Must be because of all the workplace insurance needed to coverage workplace injuries like paper cuts.  At those paltry rates and sweatshop-like working conditions, they should strike! That makes it so much different considering people are working harder, for much much much less.   This news is an absolute obscenity....
To be honest, Pages, and especially Keynote, defecate all over their Microsoft counterparts.Numbers is not as easy for cell entry as Excel but that could merely be my muscle memory from all the years of being forced to use Excel.
Buffett is about to get burned on his IBM acquisition.   Apparently, IBM stock has been falling down to the point where he purchased it.  The news of IBM's cozy relationship with the NSA has had a seriously negative impact with regards to their sales growth outside the developed world (Chinese sales have done a complete about-face into the red).   Stock buybacks are pretty dumb unless the company want to go fully private.
At least Apple had some magic to lose. After playing with friends Android devices to get them to work with their other commuters and devices, Google doesn't have much of anything.
I agree that saying the 5C is less profitable than the 5S may not be true as the 5C is a much improved iPhone5 but then again, this assumes that input costs remain low and given how JPM and Goldman Sachs have been overtly manipulating commodity markets of late... and given that one of the commodities in question was being manipulated by driving the material from one part of Detroit to another over and over would change the costs of one of the iPhone models. The 5S, to me,...
 A person who would be buying a 5C would be more likely to buy an S3 or something, not an S4 because at those prices, just buy the higher end version. The only way I can see things different is possibly Apple having a new agreement with carriers regarding subsidies maybe?   I can agree with that.
When your employees are basically paid in stock options in lieu of actual hefty salaries, that's why you have to care about your shareholder opinions.
Now, if I used FaceTime and had problems, I know who to blame, and it won't be Telus (my provider) nor will it be Apple.
I mentioned this before. With all the problems they've had with iCloud, and now this, I think maybe they should consider doing more than pushing stock buybacks and maybe doing a little more hiring in key sectors. Even with this "bug is not really a bug and you need sudo access to exploit it." These incidents do take the shine off the Apple platform. If you could run sudo, why wouldn't you just use it to get access to the files directly? Why would you even bother going...
Will people buy them though? Certainly more than Google Glass, but saying Samsung will get more watch buyers than Google will ever get with that headset isn't saying much. Even if Apple came out with one I'm going to flat out say I'd never buy one.
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