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Indeed. Actually, quite a bit. If you think that Google is Microsoft, it isn't. For starters, I don't think Google operatives are as crippled by bureaucratic inertia as Microsoft management is. But the biggest indicator, I feel, that Google will support older non-Google devices is from the simple fact that Google makes money from advertising, not from licensing. Microsoft's WinMo is crap because Microsoft doesn't really need to care. It gets money up front from the...
Lest ye forget, the critics loved Vista too when it came out. It didn't hurt that Microsoft gave them free and expensive machines to run Vista on either.
Actually, because of DCMA, you don't even technically have the freedom to do that. Since you are not making money off Apple, Apple is rather unlikely going to pursue individuals as an individual would be in violation of the EULA as well. Apple may go after those that sell "kits" or disseminate information on how to create a Hackintosh, but not those in their garage. As for EULAs themselves, in Canada, they may or may not hold up in a court of law. EULAs, like other...
Wonder what's taking Microsoft so long in issuing a retraction of Gates' statement?
The OSX dock bears no resemblance to the Windows Taskbar except for the fact it's at the bottom and allows the selection of running applications. The Dock is such an obvious descendant of the one found in NeXT products, you look silly trying to imply it's copied from Microsoft, even worse when you try to equate it with the Taskbar.
Have you ever done any iPhone or even Cocoa development? Memory leaks are notoriously easy to miss and can be a pain in the butt to correct for newer developers. It's only developers that understand and agree with the reasoning behind the more restrictive iPhone platform; it's the non-developers that whine about it out of simple ignorance.
Well, Apple did have the Newton...The task bar was Microsoft's answer to the classic Apple menu bar that is always found on the screen and gave access to more functionality than just the foreground application and even copied the clock. Microsoft, to be different, placed theirs on the bottom of the screen, and which for a lot of people at introduction, found very strange and awkward.
Microsoft is now denying it all. http://windowsteamblog.com/blogs/win...windows-7.aspx
I feel the same way.Now that Siemens has NX for the Mac platform, there is nothing the Windows platforms can offer me, except misery.Microsoft copied the "look and feel" of OSX? How about they "steal" other good Apple ideas, like having applications as package/folders instead of allowing developers to dump their files all over the place willy-nilly. There are software packages on WIndows that literally s**t files everywhere. In WINDOWS, WINDOWS\\SYSTEM32, it's home...
Tell that to you beloved Charlie Miller. Made him a household name. So much so, he ended up looking like a total ass when he lambasted Snow Leopard for not having 64-bit ASLR and that made it less secure than Windows. Right after, Microsoft put out an advisory to shut down an open port (open by default) that would allow remote code execution on their flagship operating system of the time, Microsoft Vista. I'm sure he did a facepalm.
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