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[QUOTE=sdbryan;1511351]I can't say for certain but I would bet that Logitech used the API for third party products to work with iTunes that I referenced in my other post. Palm has the option to do the same thing but prefers to play this odd game with their customers./QUOTE] We are on a Mac forum, and yes Apple does provide an extensive set of APIs to interface all sorts of things ... on the Mac platform but a significant portion lies on the Windows...
After that recent T-Mobile incident, I'm not sure many would trust Microsoft with *any* of their data for fear of losing it.
English words, esp. vernacular, may have multiple meanings. Take the word: f*ck.
You haven't been paying attention then. AARP code to made it appear that Windows 3.1 would not load under the superior DR-DOS of the time. When Windows tried to load, it detected if it was MS-DOS or not but looking at the location of code pages. If different from MS-DOS, it would terminate and provide a bullsh*t error message implying that it would not work with DR-DOS. That is the single biggest reason why MS started up the development of Windows95. Before then, MS...
I'd have to agree that it's ridiculously easy to do it on Mac OS. The question is how hard would it be for making one on Windows. Personally, Palm can send me a Pre and I'll write them a nice simple Mac OS one.
You can try to compare apples to oranges (no pun intended), but there are many glaring differences that make such a comparison problematic. The first, is that Apple isn't barring people from entering the market by using restrictive distribution agreements with other parties in the market. Microsoft used it's clout to strongarm OEMs from adding competing software on their products. Apple does not tell Dell to not put Windows Media Player on their Windows products and to...
Think about it, if an observant consumer looks at the packaging, they may not see that it is USB compatible. "How does this connect to my computer?"They are in violation of the contract they signed to become a member of the USB Consortium. Violations of contractual law is still very much illegal. I'm no expert, but could this also be a violation of the DCMA? The big question is what is the USB Consortium going to do? This is the first time someone has spoofed another...
See the article for what it was. A ploy to drive traffic to the site. Would you have followed the link if it wasn't so biased against Apple? PCWorld may appear stupid, but they got more people to that page than normal. Who goes to PCWorld anyway???
DIdn't MS excise Visual Basic from the Mac years ago? Most macros are based on VB, aren't they?
Of course there is.Ballmer is usually an utter 'tard but recently said that security problems are going to arise from third-party programs. Really, Mr Ballmer, you just noticed?!That being said, there really isn't all that much Microsoft or Apple can do to protect people from themselves. Socially engineering is superior to antivirus/malware software. People too often think "I'm protected" because this software will protect them.
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