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Add mailboxes and set up rules. Works much, much better in Mail than in Outlook. By far. I've even arranged so that outbound emails get sorted as well.
That's possible, but I think this is more of a case of Microsoft tyring to muscle into the party when it's basically over. The personal media player market is already saturated and iPod sales are even seen to be declining. Will Microsoft be able to buoy this mature but declining market with their second attempt? I'm thinking no.
Could be price subsidization on the part of MS. Offset losses in one part of the organization by using the profits from another.
There won't be any cellphones ringing other than your own. No screaming kids. Don't have to pay $10.00 for a Coke.
So, if I stuck Linux on my Mac Mini, how would Linux be any more "immune"?
A few things, but I'm no expert, but this "hack" is a bit on the tedious, and somewhat impractical, side. First, one would have to gain access to a host machine, and then manage to flash the keyboard without the user noticing (that could be done while the user is away I guess). If one could do all this, you may not need to corrupt the keyboard. Given the limited memory space in the keyboard flash, I'm not sure one could really have that much space to do much with the...
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