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  But we have to think of those poor, unfortunate and downtrodden executives in the boardroom who need to worry about the growth in value of their stock options.
Maybe Apple should consider less in the way of stock buyback and more on infrastructure?
  Speaking as a bit of an exception here, as I bought a second hand Roku and yet to buy an AppleTV, everyone I know that has a streaming box has one.  Those that don't, usually have something like a PS3 and use it mostly for Netflix.  I actually don't know *anyone* with an AppleTV but know four or five people with Plex boxes and at least three use Plex as I've helped set up two of them.   True, it may be totally anecdotal, but it makes this report plausible to me.   Now,...
Roku has one big advantage: Plex.  I know many people who cut the cord and use this now.   (Could be a duplicate post, apologies if so).
  No, to please customers with rising incomes.   You get your loyal customers as early as you can.  I can see the argument for a BRIC version of an Apple phone and Apple is more than capable of delivering at least something marginally better than others for the same price.  That leaves people like Samsung in a very bad long-term position.  Right now, Apple is allowing people to start with a Samsung phone and chances of grabbing those customers in the future aren't always...
  It's the netbook argument resurrected.   They could be right this time ... maybe. Won't put any money on it.
  I would argue this is hyperbole.   As someone pointed out, Google was allowing others to PROFIT on Sun/Oracle's work for free (like Samsung).  And Google knew it was in the wrong from their own statements in the internal emails presented in court.
I do think Apple will be on the decline now. All companies fall apart once the man in charge is not the man who started the company. It's happened so many times, I've lost count. There is a lot of mediocre executives out there who simply do what the board wants, and that's raise their pay continually. They're just overpaid mediocre mercenaries out to bleed their companies dry. When you're Apple, though, it really isn't that hard to look so much better than the...
  Indeed.  One of them should have spent less time futilely trying to get an NHL team in Hamilton and working more in his day job.
  Apple would have all that technology from the back-end that RIM has.     Even better approach for Apple would be to buy it, then part out the company.  Sell off the phone business to whomever so Apple doesn't get hit with another DoJ lawsuit.
New Posts  All Forums: