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Yeah, this could be useful when travelling.  Not sure I'd ditch my Roku 2 yet though.  
There is flagrant price fixing in the oil markets, the industrial metals markets, the precious metals markets, LIBOR interest rate fixing, fixing in the ISDAfix part of the world ... and yet the DoJ found the time to go after ... ebook pricing?!   Then they come out with this?  As one Yale professor put it, the telescopes of Planet Washington don't reach the surface of Planet Earth.
  If you define "most people" as the NSA in Fort Meade, then yes, people want it.
I guess Samsung it taking it upon itself to deal with Android fragmentation.  By bleeding others of apps so all that remains is Samsung.   There can be only one!
  From the cursory scan of that comments section, I'm seeing a lot of unhappy fandroids complaining that it's essentially overpriced.   I guess those hired Samsung students won't have to flood that forum ... or maybe they are?  
Who really pays attention to these benchmarks except people like Anand and the market he caters to?
Now, now.  Motorola does make something exceptional well.   Red ink.
Well, it does save the cost of an HDMI cable.
How would a family stop duelling devices?  If any Chromecast enabled application can work, and you have four family members each with a device, ... anyone with an IQ over 80 can see where this is going.   With AppleTV you have one remote to rule it all.  Not with this thing... anarchy in the living room.   Obviously, there has to be some form of pairing taking place, which never is as quick and smooth as people say it is.  But if there isn't, Lord help the family.
I was thinking the same, but that's not exactly a fatal flaw.  It would be more severe if it wasn't price so low, either.   Most people like to only do one thing at a time.  How can you enjoy watching entertainment when you're hunched over a laptop doing work you brought home from the office?  Then again, if you wanted to stream something to your television but your spouse needs the laptop for something else, could be a source of strife.   What we're not seeing...
New Posts  All Forums: