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I was thinking the same, but that's not exactly a fatal flaw.  It would be more severe if it wasn't price so low, either.   Most people like to only do one thing at a time.  How can you enjoy watching entertainment when you're hunched over a laptop doing work you brought home from the office?  Then again, if you wanted to stream something to your television but your spouse needs the laptop for something else, could be a source of strife.   What we're not seeing...
I think it's a good idea. It's not the first. I believe I've heard of a couple other companies that were making devices that plugged into HDMI ports like one does with a USB flash drive.
GoogleTV. Like anything else Google does in-house, any success they have they pretty much have to buy. They should have bought Roku or something.
I don't like the idea of a phone that's always on, myself, NSA and it's stooge Google listening or not.  I don't even use Siri.     I'm thinking former American Congressman Wiener.         I suppose one could root the device and slap on their own build.  It would be like buying a Ford, and saying that a GM engine is better so you rip the engine out and put in a Chevy block...   As a Canadian, I loathe Rogers so they can parade these Android commercials...
Anyone managed to put something like NetBSD on one of these things?
Android users purchase timewasting devices that require time spent on them that would otherwise be better used.  They are devices that need to be coddled, to have attention thrown at them.  To worry about the next security hole.  The wonder if your carrier will ever bother to provide an update.   There was a time in my life when I would also spend time like that.  The problem is that now I realize I have fewer days ahead of me than behind me and don't want to be...
  Apple would be wrong to do so in that case, and Amazon would be correct to pursue legal remedies.
  Some of these laws predate Communism, actually.         These laws do not violate the Constitution.     Judges do not have that ability.  Under English common law, only juries are able to not apply the law in their verdict.
NSA will definitely love this technology.  Get more people addicted to the cloud, so they can process your information and see what kind of secrets you have and maybe some insider information they can front-run to make some quick bucks.  :)
  ... and by "everyone" clearly in Google's case "everyone" actually means Google shareholders and executives.  Open source computing isn't exactly the wide open-armed and welcoming circle the granola eaters think it is.   I believe DED once pointed out that both Google and Apple open-source items they know they can't make money on but steadfastly protect their software technologies that make them large amounts of money.   Without a sugardaddy of some sort, most FOSS...
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