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I've already spoken too much about this.  But if I can think of something like this, others definitely have.  But I also don't want to give people any ideas either.   Needless to say, such an endeavour would require skills above and beyond a script kiddie.
Yes, but it would be as originally envisaged: a Blackberry clone.
I can easily think of ways to get malware on via man-in-the-middle attacks.  Not that hard to do now with all these wifi hotspots around that have very weak security (if any most of the time).
  So?  Just because there are "more" doesn't automatically make things impossible.
Why would it be any more difficult for Samsung to get sales figures from their reseller partners?
Given the total inability of the DoJ to go after blatant and overt financial crime, they spend their time finding people to deport and now going after Apple to justify their paychecks.
I thought Android was "open"?   Good answers above though.
With regards to why Google can't push updates... because Apple was able to extract that concession from a very weak AT&T at the time.  Apple's demand to control software was a monumental concession on AT&T's part, which probably saved AT&T.
France is also somewhat unique in that workers are either classified as contract or non-contract.  I'm expecting that Apple managers were trying to pull a quick one by violating either form by insinuating to it's employees "work these extra hours or else we'll replace you with someone who will."  If it was occasional, I bet most of the employees subjected to this wouldn't have much of a complaint since they got a little extra cash once and a while.  But when it suddenly...
Yeah, let's just blame unions and the French.  The fact is that employers are routinely abusing their workforce because they know they can get away with demanding more and more and more without paying.   It sounds to me the managers were pushing the envelope and got whipped back.   Totally fine by me.  Wish this wasn't just happening in France but here in Canada as well, where employers are NOTORIOUS slave drivers who whine bitch and find any way to not pay...
New Posts  All Forums: