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Translated: Goldman Sachs has a huge position it wants to unload to make a profit from.
The first question would be when to short Facebook. No doubt the first week or so it will climb.The second question would be the actual feasibility of shorting something when everyone knows Wall Street is planning the same thing, and you cannot compete with the likes of them in their marked territory. Facebook has most of the hallmarks of a pump 'n dump.
This isn't just targeting the "feeble", it's targeting the people who have a knee-jerk reaction to click through anything that "Apple" sends them. Mind you, all my online purchasing is through gift cards so that is my suggestion if you really want to be safe. Granted, it limits you to less than $100 but if they get your CC number, who cares? The most they can scam from you is the balance on that card...
The GOP (and pathetically weak DINOs like Obama) seem hell-bent on destroying the middle class. If there is no middle class, then there is no Apple market (within the USA). In a lot of nations, the middle class is dependent on the middle class inside the USA. You pull that leg out...
What that means, then, assuming I'm reading this correctly, is that the biggest threat to Apple's future profitability is the Republican party and their cohorts in the Democratic party, like Barack Obama.
Well, you have to buy a $50 TB cable unless you managed to get one for free...
I am. Paper does not require recharging.
Apple could theoretically use communicators from Star Trek to invalidate all of Motorola's mobile technology patents then?
Microsoft has no history of developing an operating system on something other than Intel. Even NT was given to them by DEC on the Alpha platform and MS got Intel to recode NT for x86 then let the Alpha version die. So, who's writing Windows 8 for Microsoft then? Someone else wrote DOS, someone else wrote NT...
Don't know if it's been mentioned yet, but RIM stock is getting cheaper by the minute. Pretty soon, little unemployed old me might be able to buy the entire company with the change in my pocket and still have enough to by a chocolate bar.
New Posts  All Forums: