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Pointless lawsuit indeed. Why? Because when targeted ads become annoying (as they inevitably will), no one will ever pay attention to any of them. It's a total waste of time, and the only people who don't know it yet are the people still pushing this technology. People will tune out and have to be tricked to see ads as Google did.
iPad competitors are fighting against the perception of being cheap iPad knockoffs. I don't think it's just supply issues that drives them to keep price parity with Apple, but to fight this public perception.
Wonder if the store in Jerusalem will be built upon stolen Palestinian land? Sort of like how some Intel facilities are.
I've heard a lot of people say, when asked about their computer, that they have Intel Athlons. I don't buy their claims that AMD has better recognition.
I don't really but it. ATI does indeed have a strong brand name. Reminds me of the whole Coors-Molson takeover. Yet another example of how foreign ownership is destroying Canada.
Immigration in per capita terms in 1900 was much higher than it is for 2010. So, ESL is irrelevant here.Society is getting stupider. Kids in high school now don't know their multiplication tables so even asking them to do long division by hand is a non-starter. Technology does make people dumber largely because they think technology inherently makes them smarter. All you have to do is read the SMS-style English term paper kids are handing in. Ask kids where water...
My version (Гызмодо) would sound more marketable in Russia. Most non-Russians can't do yerih for squat.
I think that would be Гызмодо using Cyrillic. I can but chose not to because I really don't necessarily care if he's biased one way or another. It's not even relevant after seeing what is alleged to be the "stolen prototype". Still thinking Nokia is trying to stir up interest for their crappy phone because if that's what it is, God it looks dreadful.How the mighty have fallen indeed.
I'd doubt this lawsuit would get that far. After all RIM is a Canadian company that was sued in US courts and often foreign firms do not fare well in them. Ask the Canadian softwood lumber industry...
JP Morgan and the big brokers have been know for doing pump-n-dump scams. Put bluntly, that's the only role these stock institutes do now. Get the price up and get real people to invest real money then the big movers get out before the bubble bursts. Like the dot com era...
New Posts  All Forums: