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I concur.
... because they can make more profit by charging customers the same price but lowering costs through cheap labour and lax environmental and safety standards. That means more profit for the ownership classes. It's not rocket science.Again, that's why all their trained minions in academia and think tanks are constantly poo-pooing the idea of import tariffs with cries of falling skies and widespread devastation... if that doesn't work, then they tug at a person's more...
Channel stuffing to impress financial analysts on Wall Street.I don't think this applies to the iPad. If they were channel stuffing, I wouldn't have had to wait 3 weeks for mine.
The problem with doubling sales is twofold. I had to wait three weeks for my iPad (should get it early next week) so increased demand would have mean longer lines. Striking while the iron is hot is very much apropos here. If there was any longer of a delay in shipping to customers, some may get frustrated and turn away. The other aspect is that one doesn't come out with the most superb product ever at launch.
Maybe the DOJ should use that machete on others. BP comes to mind!
Seems about the same speed for me. Then again, I try not to make it a habit to use an atomic clock to see if it's the next version is actually faster. I have to really say I'm impressed with the reader feature. As for the extensions, meh. Can't really see me having any real need for them.
Nope. Android trolls are screaming about the bezel now. It uses up 46% more bezel space than other phones.
Android really isn't competing with the iPhone. Remember that Android was bought by Google because Google was afraid of being shut out by MS and was bought before Apple released the iPhone. I think Google wouldn't have bothered if they had known that the iPhone was the success for both Apple and Google but Google paid a lot of money for Android.
Gimme a break! Are there *any* profitable apps on other platforms?
Android will, but it will be a pyrrhic victory. Android is destined to be the default OS on cheap phones, a market segment unlikely to even care if it has Android or not. For these people, they will be happy with a dial tone and probably the ability to text and little more. Wonder how many Android users even notice it's even running Android?
New Posts  All Forums: