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Enterprise was cancelled because it was mediocre. It was mediocre drama and it was bad Star Trek. Nobody cared except a tiny sliver of clinging superfans who couldn't see past its banality. It deserved to be cancelled. And Star Trek deserved to die. At least for a decade, to cleanse the bad taste it left in popular culture. JJ kicked Star Trek's sagging ass back to life by making a great film on its own right, and on top of that recaptured the appeal and energy of the...
- Star Trek Enterrpise lasted for 4 seasons, not 5. I should know, I worked on it. And it was cancelled because of low ratings.- First Contact & Wrath of Khan are universally regarded as great films. However so is Star Trek '09. In fact more so than all other Trek films (95% on RT). Your personal bias against the film is of no interest. Facts are.- Before Abrams came into the picture, Star Trek was a dead, irrelevant 20th Century cultural footnote. What he did was the...
Yes. Well-reviewed and popular things are usually objectively 'the best'; like iPhones. Each of which was the top rated and most successful device of its time.Also:- The original Star Wars.- The Dark Knight.- Almost Every Pixar film.- Star Trek '09.Universal critical and commercial success typically means something is damn good.Deal with it.
Oh man I see we have some ye olde Star Trek whiners on these forums too. The Tea Party of nerds. Reality check grandpas, JJ Abram's Star Trek took a tired, irrelevant, and dead franchise (previous 2 films flopped a decade earlier and the last TV series was cancelled after its second season) and transformed it into a relevant, critical and commercial blockbuster. Trek '09 is the best reviewed film of the entire movie series (95% on RT). The sequel, while not as strong but...
A live stream means on-stage demos will be light. Demo-heavy events are always delayed in case of a crash that can be edited out before the delayed stream goes live. This means we won't see something like the 2007 WWDC keynote (a delayed event that was very demo heavy), but instead something like the first iPad mini keynote (a live event where only the iPad's homescreen was shown live, and everything else was slides).
Apple doesn't have a proper streaming music service or associated label deals. iTunes and its Radio service are nowhere close to a robust streaming service. Apple needs to completely overhaul iTunes to compete with the likes of Beats and especially Spotify - which is poised to overtake iTunes in a couple of years. iTunes is in dire need of better curating, better algorithms, a lightweight browser-based portal, and so much more to launch a streaming service that can compete...
Of course . iTunes in an $8 BILLION/year business.  Streaming could drive that figure higher.
Of course . iTunes in an $8 BILLION/year business.  Streaming could drive that figure higher.
Lol at the above comments. People, Apple wants Beats for its MUSIC SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE. It's an absolutely crucial purchase, and one that'll fast-track a much needed iTunes streaming music service. Apple needs to get into the music streaming game quickly before Spotify takes over the market. Beats' streaming system and curating service is something iTunes lacks, so I hope the seal happens.
If they designed the keys to not be a direct Blackberry rip-off them they'd have no problems. This is IP theft pure and simple.
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