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Intriguing. I was hoping Sorkin wouldn't go down a traditional narritive route so I'm encouraged that he's doing something original structurally. Looks like he's focusing on three defining public events in Job's carreer path, each of which have him in a very different emotional (and physical) state. This'll be an incredible role for the lead actor. Much prefer something daring and original over the usual biopic approach, which we'll get with the Kutcher version anyway.
After 5 years having AppleInsider be the first website I visit daily it's time to move on. The new layout with its abundant and tacky banner ads sandwiching a thinner and less readable article column is just too ugly to look at each morning. I love change, but only when it's for the better. On to MacRumors. best of luck with the future AI, it was fun while it lasted.
So much for all the Android fan's BS claims that the LG Prada and F700 were designed before iPhone.
Fat chance in hell Apple will do this. They'd remove all business from the UK before doing something that would negatively affect their other patent cases.
  You're moving the goal post. We're not talking about what MS defined as a Tablet. We're not talking about your credentials (I do UI design and have owned a tablet since the 1990's but thats beside the point, and what MS defined as a 'tablet PC' has been made irrelevant by Apple).   What we're supposed to be talking about was your post claiming that the TC1000 somehow predated the iPad. It did not.   The TC1000 had none of what defines an iPad. Namely a windowless touch...
Nope.   That's backwards thinking that lacks vision and imagination. MS thought a tablet was simply a keyboard-less laptop. One that ran a marginally modified, stylus driven version of Windows, and one that was burdened with the same PC era expansion and media slots.   Apple re-invented the idea of a tablet by abandoning the windows metaphor and stylus input in favor of a completely new touch-based OS. Then they removed the expansion slot idea. Then they did away with the...
Bullsh*t.     The TC 1000 was a laptop running windows with a removable screen that could be driven via stylus. The iPad prototype was far more forward thinking.
Fascinating how little the iPad design has changed since the early 2000's prototype, Other than the obvious thickness due to the hardware limitations of the time it's basically the same idea. What's most revealing was Apple's forward thinking concept of doing away with PC-style expansion and media slots from way back then. Even today there are still some manufacturers that burden their mobile devices with SD slots and removable batteries, which has been proven to be...
New Posts  All Forums: