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I would love to see the same survey applied to Android customers, and more specifically Samsung customers, especially those using the latest hardware.   Recent reports put iOS app retention rate well ahead of Android, and we know that that customer satisfaction surveys again put Apple far ahead of Android, but I'd be still  interested to see if Google's attempts at an Apple-like ecosystem are starting to gain traction.
APPLE BUSINESS MODEL Product: Hardware Customer: Consumers    GOOGLE BUSINESS MODEL Product: Consumers Customer: Advertisers   Why would I want to start using Google services on my iOS device? Google's MO is to harvest as much of my personal information as possible. No thank you.   It's amazing how many tech nerds have been duped by Google's "free" services and "open" BS. Nothing is free. You pay by progressively giving away your privacy.   Google...
Here's hoping Spotify continues to grow and do well. I love the service too as it's a great compliment to iTunes. I also hope that Apple feels the heat from Spotify and looks into working out some kind of streaming service with the labels.   Apple's movie and music catalogue has gotten so good that I'd be fine paying a reasonable monthly fee to have all-you-can-eat subscription access to everything in the iTunes store.
So Google demos some work-in-progress 3D views of 'a few major cities' that look identical to what Apple acquired from C3 Technologies a year ago. And it crashes 4 times. And there's no release date. All this a week before Apple unveils its new, and presumably polished/feature complete Google-free iOS-wide maps app.   Pretty transparent bit of last-minute desperation from Google if you ask me.
Feels snappier.         ......         I kid.
You're confused. It's not an app by Vlingo. Vlingo is its own standalone app as per your original question. S Voice (yes it's powered by vlingo but that's beside the point as you're using semantic BS to backtrack on your lack of understanding) is an imbedded handset feature, and not just an app, that works exactly Siri, hence it being a rip-off. As far as other Samsung rip offs, you'd need to have a lobotomy to not know of those. Or an Android fanboy. Do your...
No. It's called S Voice. Identical activation/UI as Siri. Do your research.
Aside from its multiple iPhone rip-offs (could they have copied Siri and more closely?) the S III is looking like a rather nice handset. I'll hold off to see what the 6th gen iPhone offers, but Samsung is making some great tech these days. Just wish they'd rely less on Apple for their ideas.
So Google pulls together a last minute 3D maps announcement to try and pre-emptively deflate Apple's expected 3D maps announcement.   Kind of a transparently desperate move.
My mistake about the iPad aspect ratio. I know that it's 4:3 quite well (I'm a filmmaker) but must have brain farted and thought of the iPhone instead (current iPhones are 3:2)Regardless, my aspect error doesn't affect my point.As for a pressing need. Yes there is a pressing need for a 16:9 iPhone. Unlike the iPad, which works much better as a 4:3 device (most iPad apps orient in both landscape and portrait better with a less wide aspect, and the screen is large enough to...
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