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Feels snappier.         ......         I kid.
You're confused. It's not an app by Vlingo. Vlingo is its own standalone app as per your original question. S Voice (yes it's powered by vlingo but that's beside the point as you're using semantic BS to backtrack on your lack of understanding) is an imbedded handset feature, and not just an app, that works exactly Siri, hence it being a rip-off. As far as other Samsung rip offs, you'd need to have a lobotomy to not know of those. Or an Android fanboy. Do your...
No. It's called S Voice. Identical activation/UI as Siri. Do your research.
Aside from its multiple iPhone rip-offs (could they have copied Siri and more closely?) the S III is looking like a rather nice handset. I'll hold off to see what the 6th gen iPhone offers, but Samsung is making some great tech these days. Just wish they'd rely less on Apple for their ideas.
So Google pulls together a last minute 3D maps announcement to try and pre-emptively deflate Apple's expected 3D maps announcement.   Kind of a transparently desperate move.
My mistake about the iPad aspect ratio. I know that it's 4:3 quite well (I'm a filmmaker) but must have brain farted and thought of the iPhone instead (current iPhones are 3:2)Regardless, my aspect error doesn't affect my point.As for a pressing need. Yes there is a pressing need for a 16:9 iPhone. Unlike the iPad, which works much better as a 4:3 device (most iPad apps orient in both landscape and portrait better with a less wide aspect, and the screen is large enough to...
I really hope this is a true leak. It's about time the iPhone goes 16:9. It bothered me when Jobs announced the original iPhone as being a 'widescreen iPod' when in fact it wasn't.   The current iPhone's oddball aspect ratio is looking rather oldy-timey compared to all the widescreen Android devices. So I welcome a true widescreen iPhone. It's been a long, long time coming.   I also like the shape of the overall frame. They shrunk the height of the home button...
  Whatever fanboy. I'm out of here.
  We'll see who's the fool come the 6th gen iPhone announcement. 
  Wow, blind fanboy alert. It's cultish people like you that give rational consumers who like Apple a bad name.   The Galaxy S3 is killing in pre-sales. It's very well reviewed, and had as an excellent screen. And yes Android 4.0 is a decent OS even if it is a shameless iOS rip-off. If Apple doesn't do a design update it'll get obliterated by the avalanche of continually redesigned Samsung tech. This is rational thinking. Not fanboy BS.   There's a lot that is speculation...
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