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Another relevant real-world metric is App revenue. According to Distimo research, US iOS App Store revenue is 4 times more than all of Android's marketplaces. Quite a different reality than what Google is trying to spin.
Let's look at real world metrics. November 2011 mobile device statistics as compiled by Mellenia Media research: Top 5 Device Manufacturers: 1 - Apple 2 - Samsung 3 - RIM 4 - HTC 5 - Motorola Top Mobile Phones: 1 - Apple iPhone 2 - Blackberry Curve 3 - Motorola Droid X 4 - HTC Evo 5 - LG Optimus Looks like Apple's doing just fine.
It's good to finally see a smart and quite funny ad from Samsung, even if it does take some cheep shots. Clearly they've stepped things up by hiring a top tier ad agency. The gloves are definitely off, and it'll be fun to see just how far Samsung will go with this agressive new campaign. If it is a campaign. It's also interesting to see how Apple, now being the world's most valuable tech company and most profitable handset maker, is being attacked where not so long ago...
[QUOTE=faZZter;1989563] - iTunes Match is a streaming service. Only better. On my PC and Apple TV, iTunes streams my entire music library without downloading. This is because these computers/devices are connected to a home Internet service that can take constant streaming without hitting data caps. On my iOS device it goes one step further. It streams the song, but also keeps the download. This is desirable since most songs I stream I usually want to hear again, and...
- Again, Google Music is a rip-off of iTunes. I'm not sure why you're isolating one recent feature (cloud) and saying that's all iTunes is. Strange. Google Music has blatantly copied iTunes, 8 years after the fact. This includes the basic sales model, core layout, and a host of features like Staff Picks and free track of the day, among many other things. - Google Music doesn't work on my tablet. So I don't see an advantage to browser-based music store/player. I personally...
I wish Google would spend more of its vast resources innovating in the consumer space instead of just copying Apple. Google Music is such a feature-for-feature rip-off of iTunes that it's almost comic. The one thing I do like about this music service is the independent artist portal with its AppStore-like revenue split model. It is essentially a MySpace rip-off , but can potentially be more powerful as it would reach a larger audience. That is, unless Google Music...
I see a new Apple TV thingy at the bottom right of the iTunes window, but when I play a movie the option goes away. Maybe I need an AppleTV update now?
Fact: DVD/Blu Ray battery life averages 1.5 hours on a modern Sony laptop. 2 hours at best. Fact: A modern MacBook can play HD movies between 5 - 10 hours. Fact: Avatar is over 2.5 hours long. No thank you Microsoft.
I just recorded a video accessing 3G data on my iPhone 4 before and after holding it in my left hand. Instead of just looking at the reception indicator, I used speed test apps to see if the 3G signal is affected. It completely lost all 3G reception. YouTube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqe0tBuBR20
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