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One has to wonder what the code review process is doing to miss stuff like this at such a scale so far. Somethings broken.
Google is not poisoning, Akamai is.... When the DNS resolver from google goes and looks for the root server, Akamai authoratative host reverses on the Google DNS server because client IP is not passed through, only the originating DNS request client IP is passed though. In this case google DNS acts as a proxy. Google and Cisco were looking at extending DNS requests to include client IP for CDN's as part of the original DNS request, not sure where they ever got with...
Love these threads. This is very plausible, why......? Because even though DNS server do just translate name to addresses (and reverse), what DNS's like OpenDNS and Google DNS do not do is house the records in an authoritive way. So why does switching DNS from Google to a local provider based one work? Because CDN's like Akamai switch authoritative responses for domain addresses based on DNS lookups of the whois record (which contains total physical address...
I agree, In the 50's and 60's the United States was highly competitive either through innovation or otherwise. So... what happened?
How much more would you pay to bring these jobs to the US before you bought someone elses cheaper, China made product? These places are self fulfilling prophecies.This is unfortunate but these workers over there could teach America some valuable lessons. Whatever situation and stress these unfortunate workers were going through, likely for a long period of time, I guarantee you they went to work every single day.I know 3 people alone today here that are taking "Mental...
Evidenced.... http://www.myimagespace.com/public/view/full/2418
Really annoying trying to read mac news with fat chicks in thongs all over my screen. I get amex ads and whatnot but the frequency of this weight loss crap has increased dramatically lately. Its giving me erectile disfunction which I may eventually need a pill for, can we put a few of those ads in rotation?
Half the time I am looking at weight loss ad's with rather large women in bras and panties. Any chance you could clean up the ads a bit, tech ads are definitely much more well received. -Curtis
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