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would be seriously nice to have a linux based filemaker server option. apple in enterprise hardware space does not exist
one wonders when the Australian government will crackdown on tax avoidance by mining and media magnates in Australia. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-05-26/janda-tax-avoidance-name-and-shame/5478450
Apple in the enterprise means that we cannot issue new systems to 300 plus users without testing production workflows extensively for problems with new systems. Deprecated code means some business critical apps will not run, solutions need to be found and tested. This cannot be done overnight. Wanting to run the bleeding edge and being able to are two different things, something that has long plagued us with Apple's rapid movements "forward" without notice.
it was as if the flaming yellow thing in the sky had gone forever, but then it arrived 12 hours later, we knew we were back on track again
where is the comparison on how much space is lost on an android or windows mobile phone. I believe anecdotally, that they suffer much worse
and yet all i want to do is merge purchases made on 2 separate iTunes accounts into 1 account. Maybe this will work, will give it a go
i don't like children, can more die please!
imagine my surprise when my new AppleTV didn't provide RCA's! it took over 2 weeks for the china to deliver my ebay toslink adapter
Its 6.30 AM here, just having my morning coffee. waiting till iPi is released so I can buy one...
I can see the promo video now. Jony Ive with white background, head tilted to 3.1415926.. degrees "At Apple, we agonised for 3 years 15 months 782 days 64 hours 95 minutes and 77 seconds over the design of this new icon. We took everything that had come before and just threw it away. We meditated on time. We did not speak a word to each other for over 14 weeks. Then, the design revealed itself. The circle. The simplest and yet most complex element in the universe, having...
New Posts  All Forums: