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i don't like children, can more die please!
imagine my surprise when my new AppleTV didn't provide RCA's! it took over 2 weeks for the china to deliver my ebay toslink adapter
Its 6.30 AM here, just having my morning coffee. waiting till iPi is released so I can buy one...
I can see the promo video now. Jony Ive with white background, head tilted to 3.1415926.. degrees "At Apple, we agonised for 3 years 15 months 782 days 64 hours 95 minutes and 77 seconds over the design of this new icon. We took everything that had come before and just threw it away. We meditated on time. We did not speak a word to each other for over 14 weeks. Then, the design revealed itself. The circle. The simplest and yet most complex element in the universe, having...
i have a IIfx with 2 radius rocket 33 mhz 68040 upgrade cards in it! love that box!
Ahh the classic mac, just one of the great old machines. I have kept a stack of macs through the years, one day they might make a beowulf cluster that can outperform a modern day toaster!  
don't be fooled, your traditional door locks are more prone to hacking, something i found out using the glory of youtube, a hairpin (5c) and a few minutes on my own front door
several points of difference, more keys, different key profiles, (blackberry looks to have one rounded corner where the Ryan kb appears in the image at least to cut further down to one side of the key, and has no apparent shape on the space bar, maybe not as cut and dried as BB might think
core2crm? zulu? lmgtfu!
people did some crazy things in FileMaker 6 to implement script parameters, updating value lists and a whole swag of other stuff that used to be "difficult" the database is not ruined, it may need some of those hacks brought into the 21st century. the performance, the data viewer and the debugger make this a cinch if you have half a brain
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