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next rumour.. the iTank, although perhaps already mastered by the likes of RIM and Nokia
thats the economic theory of supply and demand in action, if there are zero shares available, you would not be able to buy one, no matter the price, hence price tends to infinity as you suggest, so glad you understand :-)
not being able to play a game on jailbroken system - copy protection.  fixing said copy protection so you can play on a jailbroken system - cracking. (made available to everyone who downloads cracked product onto their jailbroken machine) number one source of entertainment for hackers - cracking shit people say can't be cracked. inconvenienced? no. entertained? yes. only person inconvenienced by copy protection - legitimate owner. "i dont jailbreak to copy...
the only thing copy protection does is annoy legitimate users. anyone who wants to crack a game can and will. there is no magic to stop this.
it's like the bluetooth headset wearing brigade all over again, it is entirely antisocial to be doing anything other than talking or relating to the people you are with. Own being antisocial, it's not like those people are more interesting than Farmville anyway!
interesting that %u2022 you can't eat turnover %u2022 usage of smartphones is surely consuming web services %u2022 dominating usage, dominating profits... one horse race..
not at all, they will just produce a report for Samsung management entitled "what we think numbers should be" any similarity to the numbers in the HTC document will be purely coincidental, and not caused by copying or infringing on the rights of HTC/Apple
In Russia, Virus gets Samsung
so Microsoft staged and scripted Surface crashing in their live demo? who'd a thunk it!
It's not that special really, and still hybrid technology relying on grid connect. They can't get enough watts out of the rice with the internal processing to completely replace the AC, watch for when they go totally fusion and release all of the energy from a single grain of rice, That will be the product to see...
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