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not at all, they will just produce a report for Samsung management entitled "what we think numbers should be" any similarity to the numbers in the HTC document will be purely coincidental, and not caused by copying or infringing on the rights of HTC/Apple
In Russia, Virus gets Samsung
so Microsoft staged and scripted Surface crashing in their live demo? who'd a thunk it!
It's not that special really, and still hybrid technology relying on grid connect. They can't get enough watts out of the rice with the internal processing to completely replace the AC, watch for when they go totally fusion and release all of the energy from a single grain of rice, That will be the product to see...
We are faced with the issue presently where my wife's pre mobile me apple id account is unable to be merged with the family account that I set up under mobile me. when registering for her account we got the message that "that account name cannot be used, choose another name." as we were unable to login to it, and eventually figured it must have been that someone else had used that appleid to register a .mac account as we were unable to get further information on...
You forgot the most important thing that has been on everyones request list,  The glass would be non -reflective matt finish
    $5??   Tell them they're DREAMIN!
Some people still do flashmobs, however most modern consumers have of course switched over to HTML5mobs, as they crashed less busses that way, and were more power efficient...
I have not been able to let go of any old macs, and have approx 250 or so now neatly tesselated in shelving in the shed, some of the older ones appear here... the Mac IIfx with dual radius rocket 040/ scsi2 daughter cards is quite a screamer! Many dreams of creating a beowulf cluster of these machines, to have the combined processing power of a modern 4 slice electric toaster!!http://gallery.me.com/t3chn0l0gist#1...&bgcolor=black
we are watching the mac version very closely, however we have a significant investment in libraries and custom scripts which do not translate across easily, and have encountered a number of other application inconsistencies which have not (yet) been resolved. This is an issue only in our commercial department, where external clients insist on working in autocad. We have approx 200 staff using vectorworks on mac and have a predominantly mac network, so no need to preach to...
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