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we are watching the mac version very closely, however we have a significant investment in libraries and custom scripts which do not translate across easily, and have encountered a number of other application inconsistencies which have not (yet) been resolved. This is an issue only in our commercial department, where external clients insist on working in autocad. We have approx 200 staff using vectorworks on mac and have a predominantly mac network, so no need to preach to...
interesting though is reports (probably a few years ago now) that the best PC laptops were macs, why not use the best hardware you can get your hands on. I would struggle with any more microsoft products on my machine than absolutely necessary, but at least the consistency of hardware makes the mac a good platform to run windows on. We run approx 50 windows on macs machines in our autocad drafting dept, for exactly that reason
to clarify, whilst the technical capability has existed from day 1, non implementation is the bit i am annoyed at. Cheers JB
it's only taken what 20 years for this, I am constantly dumbfounded by how an IMEI or other serial has not previously been able to "lock" a stolen device.
the AD schema can be extended to provide group policy to macs from AD.
MYOB has been around for decades, and was able to be integrated to Filemaker using applescript back then, still no issue. as far as horizontal portals, other functionailty, web viewers are still able to be used to present php queries of filemaker data using the php api, or sql queries against filemaker databases, to present exactly this kind of data. Just because you don't realise it can do it, doesn't mean the fault lies with filemaker as a product. it's power is as a...
LOL really??http://cognito.co.nz/ cmon poeple get your heads out of your arses and actually look.
why the need for "native" regex?http://filemaker-plugins.com/2empowerfm-text-toolkit/ calendar layout? if it's that important usehttp://www.seedcode.com/cp-app/ste_c...emakercalendar or zulu to use filemaker database as your ical or google calendars back endhttp://www.seedcode.com/ccp51/cgi-bi...g=cat&ref=zulu php/mysql might be useful at the back end, but getting anything looking halfway decent still has a pebcak if your database developer doesn't care about the user....
Separating the "programmerspeak" from the workflow, Filemaker has consistently focussed on being able to present well formatted data cleanly in user friendly ways, along with the capability to integrate tightly with external workflows in "real world" deployment situations. (applescript FTW). The performance and storage capacity, and stability is "good enough" for what it is used for. By allowing users and developers to focus on their core business needs instead of having...
Filemaker 12 is a new file format ( previous versions from Filemaker 7 have been on the same file format) so it requires FM12 Go, FM12 server and FM12 pro on the desktop. FM 12 Go therefore won't work on FM11 server or FMPro files
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