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other rumours have suggested dropping the Mac name from OSX, and with rounding to the nearest integer, it could be called the ... wait for it.. OS Air X 11 (for the 11 inch-er running 10.8)
could it be that now only android devices have the dubious honour of not being updateable? that alone is newsworthy
As a young adult I used to print 1200 tee shirts in an hour, or one every 3 seconds, and got paid $10 per hour, no overtime, and worked 95 hour weeks. everyone should stop their whingeing, no-one is forcing people to work, or want stuff they don't need.
at last count I had 237 old macs rangeing from mac plusses iicx's powercomputing towers, g3 laptops, ibooks etc. I have many times pondered clustering them together to be able to cook my morning toast on.
the hardest thing with a windows environment is buying something new that will still run windows XP, when the old hardware finally dies. or without the "upgradeable hardware" totally replacing everything in the old box except the case
the only reasons for android app store numbers being down is because android is an open system, and users are just writing their own apps, something they can't do on iOS. what really needs to happen is to include the numbers of self developed user apps, then you'll see the real dominance of android!!
iPod iPhone iPad MacMini iMac MacBook Air MacBook Pro Name one Apple product that is relative to it's competition Higher end Apple products have features that competitors don't so be sure to include feature by feature confirmation that what you come up with is not sorely lacking compared to the apple item you select.
"not this year or next", so 2014 Apple will be #1 TV manufacturer, you heard it straight from Samsung!
just like tablets will ultimately be about flash playback and phones will need the ability to run windows APPLE IS DOOMED!
The point of apple's assertion is that it would provide a basis of the components required to create a functioning device that operates to the licensed standards, so gives more than just chip level cost base, by ensuring there is consideration of the total componentry required to get a phone and data device up and running. this would seem to be a fair basis for an implementation of a standard. The value add to go from this device to an iPhone has nothing to do with the...
New Posts  All Forums: