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ohh!! the 4 pointed shurikens we throw at interns? i get u now ;-)
what is a floppy?
it was only a facsimile of einstein, not the real one, so that makes it different
I'm running ios5 on my 3GS, and very happy to be so, message notifications etc, all benefits that would not be with me if i was unable to update my ios on my 3GS.. just sayin
last time i checked drinking while driving was the precursor to drunk driving... waiting til you are behind the wheel before starting your first drink does not absolve you from drunk driving "sorry officer, I was sure if I kept it above 90 I could get home faster than the alcohol hit my bloodstream"
Why is Siri so special that Apple will defend her for having an abortion, and unintentionally omitting birth control, ahead of all those other wannabee AI's who also got pregnant?
yet strangely, even this web page, when viewed without ClicktoFlash, still manages to be "always on"
instead, they are putting the screen in already, and connecting your iPhone to it... it is probably around the 7" mark though...http://www.motoringfile.com/2011/10/...ps/#more-20557
In other news, MacDonalds has announced plans to leapfrog the consumer with ever improving metrics on faster food, and flush their burgers straight down the toilet at no extra cost! They quote savings of 4-6 hours on the average consumption time for a Big Mac.
Ahh this takes me back to high school.. the endless debates as to whether the mac had multitasking, • which of course it didn't because you could hold the mouse button down and halt the system (pre-emptive multitasking). •but of course it did, because apps written to take advantage of (co-operative) multitasking could. bottom line, if you can do what you want, who really cares what it's called. If devs want to play nice in the environment, it works well. better now than...
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