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instead, they are putting the screen in already, and connecting your iPhone to it... it is probably around the 7" mark though...http://www.motoringfile.com/2011/10/...ps/#more-20557
In other news, MacDonalds has announced plans to leapfrog the consumer with ever improving metrics on faster food, and flush their burgers straight down the toilet at no extra cost! They quote savings of 4-6 hours on the average consumption time for a Big Mac.
Ahh this takes me back to high school.. the endless debates as to whether the mac had multitasking, • which of course it didn't because you could hold the mouse button down and halt the system (pre-emptive multitasking). •but of course it did, because apps written to take advantage of (co-operative) multitasking could. bottom line, if you can do what you want, who really cares what it's called. If devs want to play nice in the environment, it works well. better now than...
I would suggest this most certainly is a question to ask with respect to stills. I have had awesome results with my DSLR Canon IS lense, and shit results on my 3GS camera, precisely due to the jitter from the time taken to take a photo. the IS lense has a gyro stabilising lense in the array that "keeps it on track" even if you move the camera whilst the shot is being "exposed" it would be really cool if the gyro was able to be used to assist with low light long exposure...
i guess by this definition they must be distributed supercomputers, at last count millions of fans worldwide for the ipad, in other news, Microsoft manages to build a sows ear out of a silk purse...
Having used Firewire when it first came out, and loved it in my niche, I have been trialling Thunderbolt Pegasus R6 Raid on my desk to my macbook pro this week. In my report to management, I resorted to calling it "STUPENDOUSLY FAST" as "610MB/s write speeds" didn't seem to really convey how fricking awesome this box is. No matter how many other people use it, I am, and it will rock my world. I don't care if even one other person uses it ;-)
Particle accelerator agreed, so do you expect the "antigravity" function to be able to make this thing actually fly? I'm considering patenting a whole pile of levitation by products, just you watch, in 15 years everyone will be saying "how could you patent such an obvious idea!"
not meaning to sound morbid, but what happened to him? did he die?
and people would laugh and point at how different this was.. the fanbois would be talking about how it doesn't crash all the time.. and 20 years down the road, we'd all be driving one...
Its a major issue for us, we run 2004 because we need vba support, but are unable to buy licenses for 2004, or pay for 2008 and install 2004, so it's going to be good to finally be totally license compliant again, i'm sure we arent the only ones in this position
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