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lolllll ... love some of the sarcastic replies ... this forum rocks
I am off to university ... will update tomorrow morning or tonight ... or maybe from school
You are soo right , I felt bad when I read that the iPad had the same ram as the 3GS. Luckily, I quickly realized, what's the point if I have no need for that much extra ram. However, I thought how I'd like to edit movies on the iPad with the add-on apps, then I felt bad again. my life's story, gotta love being addicted to having "a-spec techs"
why don't we have this kind of insurance in quebec, canada
That's hot ! As in awesome.
A new Macbook Air could give us hints on the external design of the upcoming MBP ! No.. maybe.. perhaps .. ?
This new Streak device drom Dell seems sweet, I'd love a bit of a larger screen in my iphone and the streak has flash support. I am not pro flash yet today I was trying to check rates and reservations, couldn't do it on my 3GS. Can't wait to try the Dell Streak, I hope the user interface matches the iPhone's.
F. I. N. A. L. L. Y. Thank you, very very very Much !
wow ... to have a say to where and how your product is displayed within a retail environment is an oscar, gold medal or a noble prize for above excellence in marketing. It's an honor to be working within Apple's strategic marketing team in this moment in history. Lucky them If they can only email me and give me the magical recipe on how to become so good at what i do, and be best.
Doesn't seem like it ... rumors
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