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Does, by any chance, this "rapport" originate from a windows freak ?
To call virnetx a "company" is not a true description in my opinion. More like a bunch of hyena's.
Oh Lord, would you buy me an iPHONE 6 +,My friends all have Samsung's about which they cuss...          ( sorry about my multiple entries - wrong keystroke ! )
Oh Lord, would you buy me an iPHONE 6 +, My friends all have Samsung's about which they cuss...
Oh Lord, would you buy me an iPHONE 6 +, My friends all have Samsung's about which they cuss...
I think that in many cases Apple has seen what other companies have done wrong with their products and put a product on the market that cured/prevented those mistakes made.
I too have a Samsung flatscreen TV - unfortunately. MANY times, when using the built-in web browser does the bloody thing freeze and I have to switch off/on. About twice a week I get a message on screen that there's another software update. Often I get the message that the webbrowser has quit, and do I want to restore the last visited website ? When I complained about this to the shop they said that this was a known problem and caused by the set not having enough RAM...
EXACTLY the reason why some of my customers switched over to Quark when Adobe came up with their stupid subscription service. Now more people are thinking the same thing and my advice would be to change if it does not cause to much upheaval. It is perfectly feasible to hang on to the CS6 bundle for old stuff and use Quark for new designs.
I am convinced that an Apple monitor is on the horizon so I shall continue to use my new MacPro with the old trusty 30" Cinema Display.   This is in spite of the fact that even though it has the FirePro D700 card I can't get better (sharp) resolution than 1280 x 800.   Maybe something gets lost "in translation" in the Lightning to DVI adaptor.   When I'm using the excellent DisplayMenu app. (by Milch I'm Gemüsefach (© 2012 Thorsten Karrer) I can get resolutions of up to...
iWORK is quite good - no unnecessary frills.   In the various offices I visit are VERY few people using more than half the features of MS Office. In addition, with the free OpenOffice application nobody really needs MS Office.
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